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Aldi Brooklea fat free yogurts

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PinkFluff2 Mon 24-Apr-17 17:07:38

How many syns are in the fat free brooklea yogurts from Aldi?

Someone said the toffee ones are 3.5 syns shock

I've just stocked up on them thinking they would be free! I've got vanilla, toffee, and mandarin. They aren't sprinkled with chocolate or anything. They are the pots that look exactly like the muller lights.

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cuddlebug Mon 24-Apr-17 18:33:17

They're free x

Shamoffour Tue 25-Apr-17 14:34:17

They aren't free because they add sugar.
However the ones that look like muller Greek style are free.

Bardolino Tue 25-Apr-17 16:31:40

If they're labeled 'light' and 'fat-free', they're free. I seem to remember a discussion about this in my group.

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