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When will I start getting the grasp of things?!

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cuddlebug Sun 23-Apr-17 15:04:38

Hi ladies. I started SW last week and been a bit naughty but I just done a massive food shop full of healthy goodness so today it starts now. I keep on looking at syns on my SW calculator to make sure I am not going over it (I am aiming for 10 syns or less). I am confused to be honest! Just about looking at how many syns things are constantly. Will I get to grips of it?! :/

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itsausername Sun 23-Apr-17 15:08:38

I think for the first few weeks have less of a focus on syns and try to get to grips with filling up on free and speed food. Pick two or three things as your syns and stick with that for the first weeks. Good luck!

limpit Sun 23-Apr-17 15:15:28

Agree with itsa; just focus on the basics of the plan. That is much harder to nail than syns and also much more important.

Groovee Sun 23-Apr-17 16:31:05

It took me about 4-6 weeks to get to grips with things. I'm nearly 16 weeks down the line, but still check things regularly.

OuchLegoHurts Sun 23-Apr-17 23:20:10

Yeah you really need to start making meals from free foods and getting your 1 portion of healthy a and b. Syns are meant to be used for treats and extra stuff that you put into your meals like mayo etc. Syns are actually the least important part, understanding free and speed foods Ann's the third of a plate rule is very important

cuddlebug Mon 24-Apr-17 01:09:39

Brilliant thank you all! I will not be misusing the syns Thats for sure x

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