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Parker231 Sun 23-Apr-17 08:30:10

I join online yesterday and am really struggling to work out what I can eat and how much. I looked at the meal plans to try and get some ideas but they seemed to involve lots of preparation and cooking time which I don't have any time for. I get my breakfast on the go and lunch at my desk. I've never planned evening meals in advance as I don't know whether I'll be home at 5pm or 7pm.

I don't eat meat or eggs but recently introduced some fish into my diet on medical advice. I tried to search for recipes using tuna but nothing came up in the search.

I'm doing the food shop today and want to buy the right things to have a good first week.

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OwlinaTree Sun 23-Apr-17 11:26:18

You could have some type of cereal bars for breakfast plus some fruit.

Lunch you could make a really quick salad, pre made boxed salad, tin of Tuna, bit of dressing. Then fruit. You could prepare soups at the weekend, freeze and then heat up at work. There are instant soup style things like mug shots and pasta and sauce, some of which are free, look on the app. They are not as filling though.

Groovee Sun 23-Apr-17 16:35:41

I tend to eat my tuna cold. I dice red onion and cucumber and mix it through with fat free fromage frais. Then have it on a baked potato, a kingsmill sandwich thin or in a salad.

I steam salmon with Cajun spice or bake seabass.

You could use quorn in your evening meals instead of the chicken or beef.

Pinch of Nom have vegetarian meal plans and recipes.

Breakfast for me is fruit and yoghurt, or porridge made with water and a yoghurt mixed in. DH likes over night oats.

Lunches I take salads, soups or pasta as I only get 30 mins and hate wasting any time. At home I cook a meal to have.

Parker231 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:36:51

Thank you for the suggestions. I've bought fruit to have for breakfast (never been much of a breakfast eater) and stuff to make a salad to take for lunch. Not sure about evening meals yet - I don't eat quorn. DH isn't veggie and DT's are back at Uni so we'll do separate evening meals unless there is something which suits us both. Weekends are pretty busy so no time to batch cook.

I determined to be beach ready this summer!

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Zed1707 Sun 23-Apr-17 22:30:13

Hi everybody, I joined slimming world 2 days ago and I'm struggling a bit with my syns.. I don't think I realised how bad my diet was until I started writing everything down..

I'm a working mum with 2 kids and being Indian, I cook a fair few curries.. so struggling to figure out syns for that as well..

Any tips or advice would be great x

Groovee Mon 24-Apr-17 07:40:49

What are your ingredients in your recipes?

NorthernLurker Mon 24-Apr-17 07:48:10

Dh is doing slimming world. I think he would struggle hugely if he didn't eat meat and eggs. Are you sure it's the right diet for you?

Regarding curries - you need to look up the syns for pastes etc but if you cook with spices from scratch it's a lot easier. Dh just changed our yoghurt to fat free and that was basically it.

catlover1987 Mon 24-Apr-17 10:31:16

To be honest, I think you may struggle with this diet if you don't have time to cook from scratch or prep in advance. Slimming world do a range of ready meals which are all free I believe but I've heard very mixed reviews.

I don't eat meat either and manage fine but I do use a lot of quorn products and eat a lot of eggs. I think I would find it very difficult without these.

Zed1707 Mon 24-Apr-17 13:58:10

I cook from scratch, so onions fried in a bit of oil, canned tomatoes, then dry spices and then chicken or meat or whatever main ingredient is going in the curry..

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