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onestepforwardtenstepsback Sun 02-Apr-17 18:37:18

Hi everyone I'm on week 7 of slimming world and I have lost 1st 2lb.
The thing is I'm really struggling with my bowel movements.
I was going to start on fybogel I have some orange one but can't find the syn value.
Please does anyone know the syn value for me thanks

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Sun 02-Apr-17 20:46:05

OP, I would try scan bran rather than Fybogel: two a day usually does the trick!
Buy in group or in Holland and Barrett.
They are quite palatable if eaten with something to moisten them, eg with soup or a curry or chilli.
I like a "b" choice of 1 Weetabix and 2 scan bran with warm milk.

onestepforwardtenstepsback Sun 02-Apr-17 21:15:51

Thanks I will try them first then.
Are they free,syn or healthy extra?

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Sun 02-Apr-17 21:21:15

Scan bran are 1 syn each.
If you want to use them as a healthy extra "b" choice, you can have 5, or you can have 1 Weetabix and 2 scan bran.
Better than any medication, and they fill you up, too.

UnicornButtplug Sun 02-Apr-17 21:21:30

Scan bran are guaranteed to get you moving. We did the scan bran challenge. 5 a day (Healthy B) for a week. I broke mine into pieces, covered with milk (healthy A) and mixed berries and it's almost like weetabix. Sweetener helps.

Groovee Mon 03-Apr-17 10:04:02

Scan bran helps.

onestepforwardtenstepsback Tue 04-Apr-17 21:29:16

Thanks I've got group in the morning so will buy some

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