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Accurate scales?

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legolammb Wed 29-Mar-17 16:20:51

I go to a 7.30pm meeting, so by the time I weigh in, I've eaten breakfast, lunch and occasional snacks at work, as well as drinking tea and water throughout the day. I sometimes feel that my weight loss doesn't reflect the week as a whole, and is thrown out by weighing so late. For example, I had a piece of cake at someone's leaving do at work on WI day, which was within my Syns, but i stayed the same that day. I find it motivating to go to group and it keeps me more accountable than when I tried to do WW at home, but I just don't really trust the scales that much - I feel like weighing at home first thing in the morning would be most accurate. Anyone else feel the same, or am I just making excuses?

I also struggle a bit with having such a late WI as the group goes on for ages and I'm ravenous if I stay, and find myself not wanting to drink too much water etc during the day even if I'm thirsty

giveovermypreciousss Wed 29-Mar-17 16:22:53

I agree with you. I only ever weigh in the morning often before breakfast. My sw group is at 11.15am so I have usually had breakfast and thats all.

FabulouslyGlamourousFerret Wed 29-Mar-17 16:25:21

But surely if you with in at night every week, and daily fluctuations would be consistent and therefore tote weight loss shouldn't be impacted

ClashCityRocker Wed 29-Mar-17 16:26:56

I'm a 7pm weigher too - it's a looooong day.

As long as it's consistent, it shouldn't matter too much. A piece of cake going through a digestive system won't undo a 1lb loss. It's such an I exact science that weighing in at the same time under roughly the same conditions is the best you can do.

However, I do find that what I do in the week doesn't always reflect on the scales - but usually if the scales have been unkind I get a double loss the week after.

legolammb Wed 29-Mar-17 16:31:30

Fabulously - I generally try and be consistent, e.g. I have a litre bottle of water on my desk that I get through, it's just a couple of times where I've been more thirsty and needed to drink more than normal but feel like it throws me out.

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