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Brand new to SW!

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whistlemytune Mon 27-Mar-17 08:31:18

Hi guys!

I bit the bullet, and signed up for online (bronze) membership for 3 months! I'm starting today!! Just thought I'd come here and introduce myself.

I'm Bex, I'm 31 and I live in a village near Canterbury, Kent. I'm a registered nurse at Kent & Canterbury Hospital, and love my job. I work 30 hours a week, and have two children with my husband.

Im trying to get used to SW habits, and want to ideally lose 2 stone in 6 months. Though, I think it's a bit ambitious! I haven't been my target weight since before children, so I don't know if it's realistic.

Well, hi! Hoping to get to know a few of you and use this forum as my group, almost, since I only have an online membership.

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Groovee Mon 27-Mar-17 16:19:16

Hi Whistle. I'd recommend joining in thread #3 as there are some great people on there who can help.

I'm in my 13th week of SW and got my 1.5st award last week. Stick to plan most of the time and it does work. It's the Easter Holidays soon for me so that may get tougher.

whistlemytune Mon 27-Mar-17 17:33:31

Thanks love! Wow, well done on your loss! That's brilliant! I can't believe it works so well, when it's all about eating so much! Haha!

I'll check that thread out now, thanks.

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