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Thinking of doing slimming world online

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CandaceMariePratt Sun 05-Mar-17 09:36:50

I have a few stone to lose and have lost 1.5st myself at home, not by following any particular plan. Progress has been very slow, however, and I have been stuck at the same weight for months now and seem to have lost motivation.

There is a SW group near me but I can't get out in the evenings so it is a no go for me. I am thinking of trying it online, but I am not the most self-disciplined person.

I lost weight with WW before and I am a bit scared of slimming clubs as I didn't maintain the weight loss long term and ended up bigger than I started. That's how they make their money, I guess. This is my worry with signing up for SW.

I have an injury currently and can't exercise for now which is why I am thinking of signing up now.

Has anyone done SW solely online or do I need to go to the classes to benefit from it?

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Notreallyhappy Sun 05-Mar-17 16:36:02

Whatever club you follow you have to have control over what gets eaten, online or at a group.
How have you lost the 1.5 stone till now? Is it possible to step up that way of eating. Take a step back and reevaluate what you've done and your next task and how to tackle it
Exercise isn't (imo) the big thing in weIght loss unless you running a marathon you can't run off weightloss calories..approx 3000 calories for 1lb weight loss that's about 8 hours jogging.
I wouldn't go to group if it's concerning you about putting your loss back on.
Well done & good luck.

catlover1987 Mon 06-Mar-17 12:22:09

I've just started doing slimming world online. I have lost 5lbs in the first 2 weeks so not massive losses, but it is coming off. I'm finding it okay but I do have a lot of motivation this time as I'm TTC. You have to be very organised with meal planning etc but it's a pretty easy plan to follow if you're willing to stick to it. I'm still getting the hang of it but I don't think a group is necessary.

jennifer86 Tue 07-Mar-17 14:34:31

I'm also doing slimming world online, started about 2 weeks ago. I'm finding it fairly straightforward and have lost 4lbs all together so far, which is a good start. I've cheated a few times already, though (in a planned way, eg it was our anniversary) but have tried to have fewer syns the day before and after. This works for me but I'm not sure it would be 'approved of'! So maybe the diet would go better if I was in a group as I might stick with it more rigidly but I also couldn't make a group so doing it this way is better than nothing!

Leggit Tue 07-Mar-17 20:11:26

I have signed up online twice. £60+ twice. I started off well but never managed to stick the initial 12 weeks that you have to stump upfront.

I now go to group and the difference is massive.

Sm00thie Wed 15-Mar-17 05:14:25

I think going to group for the support is key, its just balancing everything else that needs doing to make that time YOU time :-)

WhoKn0wsWhereTheTimeG0es Wed 15-Mar-17 06:51:01

I signed up online because the classes here clash with work and my other evening class but I felt the website and app were fairly useless and I was paying £5 a week for an email to remind me to log my weight. I lost a stone in the first three months which was great (I don't want fast losses as I find them unsustainable) and then cancelled it. I logged my weight on Fitbit throughout so I haven't lost my progress record. I have faltered a bit recently and not lost any weight for the last three or four weeks I seem to have lost my motivation and fallen prey to snacking again, this is where going to classses would probably make a difference.

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