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Takeaway help!

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LurkingQuietly Tue 28-Feb-17 11:44:00

I'm VERY new to SW (as in, signed up online this week), and I've picked a stupid week to start. Pancakes tonight and a prearranged get together tomorrow.

For various reasons DH and I don't really want to tell IL's we're doing slimming world. SIL is overweight and MIL/FIL sabotage her various diets all the time, including "forgetting" to order her choice when we have a takeaway so she has to eat something much worse or go hungry etc.

So, what can I order that's relatively low in syns? Takeaways available are all the usual - Indian, Turkish, Chinese etc. Is there anything at all I can order that won't completely balls up my first week?

Thanks so much.

zoka15 Tue 28-Feb-17 12:56:03

I'd say turkish is very SW friendly. Chicken shish with salad and plain rice or chicken beyti... great selection of grilled meat or fish.

welshweasel Tue 28-Feb-17 12:57:13

I always have chicken dansak and boiled rice. 10.5 syns.

OwlinaTree Tue 28-Feb-17 13:19:34

Chicken in oyster sauce is low.

LurkingQuietly Tue 28-Feb-17 13:26:04

Ah you superstars! Thank you.

Reow Tue 28-Feb-17 13:29:07

Turkish can be very healthy- chicken, rice, salad, stuffed. One leaves.

I'd stay away from Chinese, or Indian curries with creamy sauces. But a dansak or Bhuna should be fine. You could have saag aloo instead of rice?

alwaysthepessimist Tue 28-Feb-17 15:06:41

Tandoori with salad & rice is pretty low too

LurkingQuietly Tue 28-Feb-17 15:39:15

Thank you all. Desperately trying not to mess this up.

Notreallyhappy Tue 28-Feb-17 22:24:23

Keep your syns and don't have your hex be choice until later.

ChessieFL Wed 01-Mar-17 13:47:55

Chicken or beef in black bean sauce from the Chinese is about 8 Syns. Half a portion of egg fried rice is 5 Syns or you could have plain boiled rice which would be free.

LurkingQuietly Wed 01-Mar-17 17:39:50

We're having Turkish and I'll avoid the starters by busying myself with getting everyone sorted, and the main is a sharing platter of lamb shish, chicken shish, chicken wings, lamb chops and ribs so I'll just stick to loads of salad and a bit of chicken. I've only eaten free food (mostly S) all day, no Hex A or Hex B yet so I can sneak a little bit of hallumi, and a piece of the bread. Hope this is all ok! I feel like I'm getting to grips with it a little now.

Thanks all, your help is massively appreciated.

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