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I'm going to start Slimming World next week - can we have a 'post a picture of your meal' thread to motivate me please?

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PlaymobilPirate Sun 19-Feb-17 20:04:12

I'm too poor (mainly time poor but a bit skint too) so ordering the books and going it alone.

I have no motivation but desperately need to drop a couple 4 of stones

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Groovee Sun 19-Feb-17 20:14:59

I'm not allowed to upload any more photos tomorrow!

Irishal68 Sun 19-Feb-17 20:38:12

If you want plenty of ideas for meals have a look on Instagram; there's all you could possibly want to know/see on there. Good luck👍🏻

Shamoffour Sun 19-Feb-17 20:52:14

Here's a few of mine first one is beef and bean chilli with rice and salad all free, second one is chicken, cannellini bean and chorizo casserole (1.5 syns) and a free fruit salad.

Hardyloveit Sun 19-Feb-17 20:52:49

Maybe try Pinterest?

Shamoffour Sun 19-Feb-17 20:53:01

Sorry just spotted the olives in the salad! 1 syn for them.

PlaymobilPirate Sun 19-Feb-17 22:16:42

Sham - they look amazing! Starting to think I can do this without starving!

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Shamoffour Sun 19-Feb-17 22:24:17

Have a nosey on the support thread. People quite often post things they've made. You definitely do not need to be hungry!

Chipsandonionrings Sun 19-Feb-17 22:31:52

I low carb now but back i the day my fave sw recipe was mango chicken.

Chop chicken breasts into biggish chunks. Potatoes into smallish chunks and a red onion. Spray with fry light. Mix 4tbsp of mango sauce ( for a change a spicy one is nice) and 4 tbsp of water. Roast for 30 mins or so. Chuck in sugar snap peas or mange tout for a final 5-10 mins. Lush. Kids love it esp. I put in 3 stone doing sw, apparently I can't eat unlimited pasta and lose weight - low carbing is all that works for me. Loads of great recipes online. Bacon,lentil and tomato soup is fab - I still make it now. The magazine also used to be great and had week meal plans. Good luck

BelafonteRavenclaw Mon 20-Feb-17 08:18:48

Instagram is great. I'm an online member and I use it like a support group. I follow lots of SW members and they post lots of meals, hints, tips and syn information.

BasinHaircut Mon 20-Feb-17 09:53:52

Few of mine here, first is Mongolian beef with noodles and broccoli think this was 4 syns-ish (off 2 chubbycubs blog), second is smoked salmon, pesto and quark pasta with green beans and peppers (2-3 syns), and third is lamb and chick pea balti from the SW curry club recipe book, with rice and broccoli. Curry and broccoli are free, the rice is a micro pouch 1.5 syns for half.

I second joining the support thread on here if you are going it alone. You will get lots of encouragement, advice and inspiration!

PlaymobilPirate Mon 20-Feb-17 11:03:23

Basin they look delicious - are they just normal noodles??

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BasinHaircut Mon 20-Feb-17 11:13:36

Yes just normal dried egg noodles boiled and then swished round in the pan that the beef was cooked in to mop up the rest of the sauce.

I've made some lovely things in the last 6 weeks, we have been trying loads of new stuff and I'd say 95% of it we will have again. There have been a few fails but all in all both DH and I are really enjoying the food and definitely not going hungry!

dble8 Tue 21-Feb-17 10:42:56

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ApocalypseCow Tue 21-Feb-17 14:02:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

honeyrider Wed 08-Mar-17 22:21:32

Some of my dinners, prawn stir-fry, asian veg and rice noodles, salmon dinner, lamb shank dinner

honeyrider Wed 08-Mar-17 23:13:45

Some breakfasts, baked onion, mushrooms, bacon lardons, baked beans, grated cheese from Hex A (optional) eggs and seasoning. Cherry bakewell baked oats, banoffee baked oats.

honeyrider Wed 08-Mar-17 23:18:13

More breakfasts: lambs liver, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and fruit. Mushroom omelette and fruit, sliced meat, cheese and fruit.

honeyrider Wed 08-Mar-17 23:23:18

Some snacks/desserts: SW tiramisu - from memory around 4 - 4.5 syns, SW trifle 7 syns, orange quark (neat no added sugar orange cordial added to quark and fruit - free and speed snack.

jayohaitchenn Fri 17-Mar-17 11:16:59

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