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Do I need to go to a class?

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catlover1987 Mon 13-Feb-17 15:39:38

Hi everyone. Looking to join slimming world and was wondering if I need to go to a class. Has anyone had success doing this online? None of the classes near me suit me times wise but I worry if I don't go to one, I won't be motivated enough.


Groovee Mon 13-Feb-17 18:07:36

My friend does online. She's done ok so far!

It may be worth joining the chat thread on here as everyone is friendly and helpful x

legolammb Mon 13-Feb-17 18:54:00

I can't say for SW as I go to classes, but I tried WW online and just didn't stick to it - I found there was no accountability and it was too easy to forget about and tell myself I'd start again tomorrow.

Jaagojaago Mon 13-Feb-17 18:58:40

Dh and I are not going to the classes just doing it at home. Have learnt the free list off by heart, and do the healthy extras but haven't bothered with syns.

We are eating wonderful big meals that are so filling -- and the weight is dropping off!!!!

There are so many websites with SW recipes from the free list - just google and put together a shopping list, be generous with your free food meals and you're set

legolammb Mon 13-Feb-17 19:02:20

Jaagojaago - sounds great that you've got DH for support - I think that's key if you're doing it at home. I have a DP who can eat like a horse and stay rake thin so he didn't really get the diet, so it's nice to go to the class and get support from other people.

Instagram is great for inspiration about nice meals - i search the slimming worlduk hashtag

catlover1987 Tue 14-Feb-17 09:19:14

Thanks everyone. My DH is on board too. I have a lot more to lose than him but he's older than me so can't keep weight off the way he used to now!

A few of my work colleagues are following slimming world so hopefully they will motivate me too. Going to join online at the weekend and see how I go.

dcrxcm Tue 14-Feb-17 12:45:06

I have never been to a group or joined officially online but have lost almost 3 stone now in just over a year. 13.10 stone was my starting weight.

I have a few friends who also do sw who have been really helpful for the odd update or syn query but generally speaking I've found everything I needed to by googling. I keep myself accountable by weighing every Friday but appreciate that's not for everyone. Keep a food diary, buy some scales and see how a month goes maybe? You can always join later on if it's not working for you to do it at home. I should add that I've never been terribly disciplined when it comes to food but this has somehow transformed me!

Good luck!!

SLanph Thu 16-Feb-17 00:05:20

I can't attend a class as there are none near me at suitable times. I signed up in January and have lost over a stone so far. Last week was a stuck week though and those are really tough without support - luckily I have my husband slimming with me and he is my cheerleader when I am down and I do the same for him.

I would say its do-able but harder especially if you try and slim alone - if you have a friend or partner who could stick to it with you then I think that would really help

Its important to remember to think of it as a lifestyle change though rather than just a diet which is something I have to keep reminding myself - This is the way we eat now - the new normal - not just a fad we will give up!

catlover1987 Thu 23-Feb-17 15:53:00

I joined online on Monday. Still getting my head around it but so far, so good!

Bringing lots of bananas to work to avoid temptation from the cake desk!

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