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sw meals and snacks

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Char22thom Sat 04-Feb-17 20:19:21

Have restarted sw a month ago (following the diet not attending group) after losing 22lb between march and August last year and putting nearly a stone on since then. Have lost 8lb in 4weeks, but stuck for the last 2 weeks. Can anyone offer advice? Still following the plan, but wondering if I need some new food ideas to kick start ny body again? X

Drquin Sat 04-Feb-17 20:35:26

Are you on Pinterest? There's some great ideas on there ..... depending on what you like / can be bothered cooking etc

Personally I love the SW lasagne .... ok it's not as creamy as my local Italian restaurant's ..... but it's good. I get 8 portions of it, so as I'm cooking just for me, I'll have a portion straight out of the oven, then keep another in the fridge, then freeze the rest. Can take it to work as a lunch, heating in microwave.

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