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'Star Week'

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Itsallabitcrazyhere Sun 29-Jan-17 11:22:52

My weight always retains/increases the week before my period, not the actual week. Can only assume I just retain water differently. Historically have always lost in the actual week. Do I just fib as to when it is so I have a true representation going on or gain/maintain the week before and lose in 'star week' -confused

All feels a bit weird to me, new to SW and really can't say Body Magic seriously.

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Imnotaslimjim Sun 29-Jan-17 11:25:12

Yes I'd just say "Its star week" as for you that's the week you have the effect of it. It doesn't matter to them whether that's the week you're actually on or not, it's just to show that every 4 weeks you'll see a slight gain.

dannyglick Sun 29-Jan-17 12:17:50

Agree with PP.
You know best when your "star week" will show on the scales, so you will expect it and not feel disheartened by a maintain/gain.
Hopefully, a loss should be "in the bank" for the following week.

IhatchedaSnorlax Sun 29-Jan-17 12:30:04

I'm doing SW too but have never heard of Star Week - what is it?

Groovee Sun 29-Jan-17 15:46:47

Hatched, its when you have your period.

ClashCityRocker Sun 29-Jan-17 15:49:18

Why oh why is it called star week?

I love the plan, but do find some bits incredibly twee.

Are you supposed to tell anyone it's star week?

Groovee Sun 29-Jan-17 17:32:06

I never tell anyone! I'm having a star fortnight by the looks!

FannyWisdom Sun 29-Jan-17 17:35:04

Back in the early days of SW
Your bloat week had an asterisk next to it in the register.
Star week.

IhatchedaSnorlax Sun 29-Jan-17 21:06:00

You learn something new every day grin

Namesarehard Tue 31-Jan-17 14:44:52

It's my first wi on Friday and come on today. Shit timing. Avoiding chocolate like the plague as I turn into pacman when I start. Shoot me now.

LollipopViolet Thu 02-Feb-17 10:22:21

I always thought people said star week to not make the men in feel awkward hmm

Namesarehard Thu 02-Feb-17 10:34:16

If men feel awkward they need to grow up. Periods are a normal part of life. I hate the term star week too.
My leader is a man and was blushing last week explaining women may retain or gain during star week. I told him I will call it a period and that star week is twee. We're not 5. He actually looked more comfortable once I said that.

alibongo5 Thu 02-Feb-17 10:39:17

namesarehard totally agree. Why should it matter what you call it – it’s still the same thing! Men are just as likely to be embarrassed by having to ask what the fuck is star week! If I had to refer to it ever I would definitely call it my period. Not that I've had one for decades!

And also totally agree about bloody “body magic”. Why not just call it exercise ffs.

Namesarehard Thu 02-Feb-17 10:41:25

Ha! I also said that about exercise.
Period and exercise. The group leader loves me already pmsl.

tabulahrasa Thu 02-Feb-17 11:57:03

"Your bloat week had an asterisk next to it in the register."

It still has one on the tablet...

I've never been to a group where anyone actually calls it star week though, I only see that online, lol

LollipopViolet Thu 02-Feb-17 18:59:28

To be fair, I only heard the "not making it awkward for men" thing online and thought it was daft.

No one in my group mentions it really.

MargotFenring Sun 05-Feb-17 18:39:51

My weigh in this week showed I had gained half a pound. The weigh in lady looked at me sympathetically and quietly asked "Star week?"

I had no idea what she was in about and must have looked confused because she then sat back and said more loudly "Are you on your period, love?".

I was kind of grateful that it was being recognised as a contributing factor but still agree with others. It's a bit twee.

latedecember1963 Mon 27-Feb-17 17:54:13

Years ago when I was doing SW in the red/green days regime a young chap always jokingly blamed any gains he had on his star week. More likely Stella Artois week.

Shamoffour Mon 27-Feb-17 20:44:44

People are always announcing star week at our group. I don't get why you would feel the need to share it really but then again I don't get the woman who tells us every week that's she's not shit since last Thursday.

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