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Cinema snacks

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GabbySolis Mon 16-Jan-17 14:56:18

Hi I'm going to the cinema tonight, can anyone give me any ideas for low syn treats please? I love cinema (sweet) popcorn but can't find the syns for it! I haven't used any syns yet today but will be having 3.5 in my tea before I go out

MaryMargaret Mon 16-Jan-17 14:57:33

I thought you might be asking for suggestions for quiet snacks there! <not helpful>

HelsBels5000 Mon 16-Jan-17 14:59:28

grapes / alpen lights cut up into bitesize chunks / graze popcorn

NannyR Mon 16-Jan-17 15:00:06

If you eat well before you go you shouldn't need a snack. I take some nice coffee in a thermal mug or buy one there.

GabbySolis Mon 16-Jan-17 15:16:55

I've got grapes in so moght take them and they'll be quiet ha. Me and my husband don't get out very much (2 kids under 2) so I want a little something to snack on because it's a treat for us to be going out together smile my friend just suggested a freddo bar (5 syns) and a Diet Coke

tabulahrasa Mon 16-Jan-17 16:28:31

Sunbites whole grain popcorn, salty or sweet and salty are 2.5 syns per multipack bag and caramel is 3.

Groovee Tue 17-Jan-17 08:58:12

The sunbites popcorn or melon and raspberries is what I like taking.

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