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No loss first week

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FlyingFordAnglia Tue 10-Jan-17 08:45:03

I've done slimming world a couple of times. 2015 lost 2 stone, break to have DS2 then last year and lost further half a stone. Stopped in November due to Christmas, meals out etc meant it wasn't working for me.
Started back last week, felt really motivated, doing food diary, good meals with plenty of speed food. Between 10 and 15 syns a day.
However it's my official weigh in this evening and I got on the scales this morning and I've stayed the same!! I'm absolutely gutted and feel quite down about it.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be? I honestly have stuck to plan 100% and am at a loss to what has happened.

Bluntness100 Tue 10-Jan-17 08:46:50

Maybe cut down on the syns?

Nishky Tue 10-Jan-17 08:49:22

Don't give up! I lost a solitary pound on my first week and was ready to walk. The lovely lady on the weigh in saw my face and said ' they all count, they really do' so I stayed and went on to lose 4 stone!

OwlinaTree Tue 10-Jan-17 09:11:36

It usually takes me a couple of weeks to see the effects of excess. So if I have a big weekend away and I'm off plan I might lose well that week, but the following week I know I'll stay the same or only lose a small amount. My body takes that long to adjust.

If youve been enjoying the Xmas food and booze it might take another week for you to see a loss. Stick with it! I lost 1.5lb my first week and wasn't that impressed. Lost 2.5lb the next week.

littlecupcake Tue 10-Jan-17 09:17:54

I rejoined last night and the consultant said it's important to take measurements. She said that sometimes, even when the scales don't move, your body can change shape and clothes get a bit looser. Might be worth doing that?

FlyingFordAnglia Tue 10-Jan-17 09:35:08

Thank you all so much. I was just feeling a bit down about it because I have genuinely tried hard.
I'll take tonight on the chin and maybe cut down on syns next week.

tabulahrasa Tue 10-Jan-17 10:34:03

If you've counted the syns right, it won't be them...

Check you're really swapping out a third of your portion with speed free foods, check the amounts of your healthy extras and what they are...

And have a think about what you had the week before you started, if it was anything like my Christmas it's very likely to have an impact on this week too.

It is rubbish when you've worked hard and it doesn't show on the scales, but for that first week it's often what's gone on the week before that scunners it.

LunaLambBhuna Tue 10-Jan-17 19:16:36

I feel for you OP. This is the kind of thing that ends in me giving up (again).

Are you due on any time soon? Could that be the reason?

FlyingFordAnglia Tue 10-Jan-17 21:12:39

Well it looks like it's my scales. I've actually lost 4.5 lb!! I have no idea how my scales can be 4lb out but they're now in the bin and will not be replaced. Moral of the story, don't try weigh yourself at home!!

Geepee71 Tue 10-Jan-17 21:31:25

Well done, that's brill, glad you went along to be weighed!

littlecupcake Tue 10-Jan-17 21:43:32

Yay!! Well done, that's a huge loss grin

OwlinaTree Tue 10-Jan-17 21:52:32

That's great well done!

FlyingFordAnglia Tue 10-Jan-17 22:29:39

Yep, felt like staying at home to eat the Christmas Pringles that are still taunting me. Glad I didn't now!!

Groovee Wed 11-Jan-17 01:26:05

That's great news.

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