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AwesomeBadger Thu 05-Jan-17 15:01:37


I love mushrooms and used to cook them in loads of butter or oil, but cooking them in frylifght doesn't seem to work at all. Has anyone got any good advice for making them tasty? I have had some lovely baked mushrooms, but am trying to replicate fried mushrooms for big breakfasts! Thank you

iklboo Thu 05-Jan-17 15:05:18

Smoked salt & dried mixed herbs
Garlic & a tiny splash of white wine
Light garlic Philly (as your HEXA)
A tablespoon of Dorito's salsa (after cooked)

iklboo Thu 05-Jan-17 15:08:27

Not for a fry-up but:

Fry mushrooms in frylight with garlic, salt & herbs
Transfer to a shallow baking dish (like a tapas dish)
Top with light Mozzarella (HEXA)
Pop under the grill until the cheese is golden brown, bubbly & melted.

SugarMiceInTheRain Thu 05-Jan-17 15:12:19

When I'm frying mushrooms for breakfast (also on SW) I wait til I've fried the bacon then use the same pan, add some frylight and scrape off the bacony bits off the bottom of the pan to give the mushrooms a lovely flavour. Keep the bacon warm in the oven whilst doing this so everything is ready at the same time.

Thingymaboob Thu 05-Jan-17 21:57:42

I fry with fry light, garlic and mixed herbs.

MollyHuaCha Thu 05-Jan-17 22:02:02

You can cook mushrooms without oil. Wash, peel, slice or whatever you normally do, then put in non-stick pan over low heat. Stir every now and then. After 5 mins or so, they release their own juices.

Groovee Fri 06-Jan-17 11:20:37

My friend suggested Cajun spice or paprika

AwesomeBadger Sat 07-Jan-17 17:20:22

Thank you for the suggestions everyone, I will give them a go.

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