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Oats so simple

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Notagainmun Fri 06-Jan-17 10:48:09

The OSS multigrain sachets were delicious but I can't get them now. They are available in instant pots but are awful.

bingandflop Wed 04-Jan-17 21:15:46

Thanks Danny that's very kind smile

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dannyglick Wed 04-Jan-17 21:02:53

bingandflop, I should think that would be fine, while you use up what you've got.
Just looking at my Big Bowl box, and it says on it:"Quaker Oat So Simple Big Bowl has all the taste and convenience of Quaker Oat So Simple, there's just more of it!"
The box seems to look the same.

bingandflop Wed 04-Jan-17 18:36:46

ApologiesI this is a stupid question but as I have numerous 27g sachets could I add more from another sachet to make it up to the 39g big bowl size? Or are the ingredients different in some way? Sorry to be a bit dense!

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bingandflop Wed 04-Jan-17 14:19:02

Thanks everyone! Dont think I've ever seen multigrain OSS

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dannyglick Wed 04-Jan-17 12:01:42

OP, I should have added that the multigrain sachets are a "b" choice, as well as the Big Bowl.

LavenderRains Wed 04-Jan-17 11:47:34

All varieties of oss sachets are HExB

dannyglick Wed 04-Jan-17 11:14:18

OP, I think it's only the Big Bowl Oatso Simple that is a "b" choice, as the other sachets are too small to count as enough fibre: anyway, you don't want to be shortchanging yourself!

iklboo Wed 04-Jan-17 08:37:26

It looks like the sachets are syns

bingandflop Wed 04-Jan-17 08:31:51

Hi all

This morning I had an OSS plain sachet and counted it as my HEB but when I look it up it seems like it doesn't count as HEB? Does anybody know if I can use this as HEB or not? The big bowl seems to be listed but not the sachet.

Many thanks

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