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Left book at home. Will they still be able to weigh me?

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elspethmcgillicuddy Sat 24-Dec-16 07:58:40

We have come on holiday for Christmas to another part of the UK. I'm desperately keen to stay on track and have been working very hard. I contacted the local consultant a couple of weeks ago to check if we can come to her group on Boxing Day. She said that is fine but I've realised I left my book at home.

Knowing I'm being weighed on Mon is one of the few things keeping me from eating ALL THE CHEESE. If I go without my book will the still be able to weigh me?

ChessieFL Sat 24-Dec-16 14:00:35

Yes, they can find you on the computer and give you a new card. You will then need to destroy your current card.

ChessieFL Sat 24-Dec-16 14:02:40

Actually having said that, I think only your consultant can do a duplicate card, I don't think it can be done at a visiting group, sorry

Sirzy Sat 24-Dec-16 14:04:00

Do you have your card? Duplicate cards can only be done at your normal group but as long as you have your card you can weigh at any group.

thatstoast Sat 24-Dec-16 14:04:33

Book or card? As long as you've got your card that's fine. I think otherwise it might be difficult.

elspethmcgillicuddy Sat 24-Dec-16 14:35:05

It's my card too sad I'll see what they can do. TBH I'm even willing to pay the new member fee and 'join again' for a week if I need to. I'll go along and see what they say. Thanks

Sirzy Sat 24-Dec-16 14:36:28

If you can contact the consultant they may be willing to let you weigh on their card. I know mine has done that for people in the past

elspethmcgillicuddy Sat 24-Dec-16 14:41:13

Thanks Sirzy. I will go along planning to weigh and may have to cry a bit! If I contact her and she says no there's no telling how many kgs of quality st I will eat in the next 48hrs!

I've already eaten a baked potato and beans while everyone else ate puff pastry with baked Camembert! My willpower knows no bounds...

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