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Pamelaaa Sun 04-Dec-16 21:37:20

I have seen people have great success using SW and am planning on starting in the new year to lose the 2 stone I have put on . But am worried about going to my first meeting. I am not good at social stuff or groups so could someone explain exactly what happens. Thank you.

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GoldenBlue Mon 05-Dec-16 13:32:57

The group I attend is very popular and has a large number of people that stay to group (25-40)

On your first meeting you will generally have a brief talk in a small group of new starters whilst the others weigh in.
Then sit and watch the general meeting which usually called image therapy - this starts with any awards that members have gained e.g. 1/2 or whole stones lost, 10% body weight lost, target achieved, and slimmer of the week.
Then sometimes they will work around the class covering each persons progress - Sam, you lost 2lb what contributed to that, any advice you want to share. Mary, you had a small gain this week, do you know why (work party/tons of icecream etc) or do you want any help and encouragement from the group. At which point people join in with advice (making sure you have a minimum of 1/3rd speed food at each meal, weigh your healthy B's, measure your milk etc). Everyone is very encouraging
At the end if you confirm you want to join you will get your first weigh in and your books.
No need to wait until after Xmas though, you could probably lose 1/2 a stone before xmas or more if you are lucky smile
Good luck

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