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Hello... new and feeling awful!

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beckyg123 Tue 15-Nov-16 13:17:07

I re-joined slimming world last night and feel totally disgusted at myself (want to run hide under duvet with chocolate and crisps), have regained everything I lost and a few extra pounds! Could have just stood and cried on the scales...
I know its not going to help by comfort eating (been doing this for months in denial that I need to sort myself out). Nothing fits me, just feel like a big easter egg everywhere I go.

So thought I'd try something new by coming on here, maybe a bit of support and ideas will do the trick! A week between groups is just too long for me to remain focused, so easily distracted by everything else I think!

Just off to have a look around the threads and see what you guys are all doing...

pklme Tue 15-Nov-16 13:41:32

Just waving hello- I'm not in slimming world, but I have lost 2.5 stone and put it all back on again so I can sympathise. I haven't been brave enough to get on the scales yet, and I am doing some stressful things so it isn't the right time for me to sort it out, but I am standing where you are standing...

SeaDragon86 Tue 15-Nov-16 13:49:17

I also lost 3.5 stone with slimming world and it's all creeping back on. Weight loss isn't a race, or competition. If you are unhappy, you can lose it again in your own time. Be easy on yourself. I know how disappointing it is, as I too feel the same sometimes. But remember life comes first. Slow and steady wins the race. Think of how wonderful you felt when you initially lost it.

dannyglick Tue 15-Nov-16 14:45:24

Hello, becky.
Well done on re-joining SW: you are doing something positive to start feeling better about yourself.
Have a look at the Slimming World Support 9 thread on here, for lots of encouragement and helpful tips.

beckyg123 Tue 15-Nov-16 15:08:44

Thank you! I'm doing my best to turn things around today! Planning the week ahead and trying not to jump too far ahead, 24 hours in the plan and I expect to drop a dress size - heehee!
Just desperate to get that "in control" feeling back though.
Thank you dannyglick, I'll pop on the thread and say hi!

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