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Eat, eat, eat..

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CaptinMuma Sun 30-Oct-16 20:39:24

Snacking endlessly, I'm totally self sabotaging confused why do I do this blush

InfiniteSheldon Wed 02-Nov-16 18:07:57

Snack on free food, mug shots, eggs, market roast potatoes, ham and heroin wraps, sweet hummus and carrots,

feedmelollipops Wed 02-Nov-16 18:08:36

Ham and heroin wraps! Tasty

CaptinMuma Wed 02-Nov-16 18:39:12

Ham and heroine 😮

Thanks for the ideas

idontlikealdi Wed 02-Nov-16 18:41:55

Ham and heroingrin

InfiniteSheldon Wed 02-Nov-16 18:51:22

Hahaha that would probably help on the scales tho!!!! Bastard spell check.

InfiniteSheldon Wed 02-Nov-16 18:52:57

Also should be marmite roast potatoes and SW hummus I fucking hate my phone at times grin

Wimbles101 Wed 09-Nov-16 21:49:13

Lol! I want the heroin wraps too!smile)

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