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Ideas for sw packed lunches

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Luckyguess Thu 27-Oct-16 14:13:34

Any ideas grateful recited, really struggling at the momentconfused

Scorbus Thu 27-Oct-16 15:26:08

I tend to have left overs from the night before, but this relies on having a microwave handy to reheat them.

On our group someone did post about using omelette wraps, make a thin plain omlette and then using it instead of a tortilla wrap to surround loads of salad and chicken.

Waltermittythesequel Thu 27-Oct-16 15:28:25

Let it cool down completely before you use it as a wrap, though as otherwise it's just a weird sort of inside out omelette! wink

Cous cous? Pasta salad? Use your HEX B for sandwiches, rolls, wrap or pitta (HEX B versions available for all).

The easiest thing is just a salad, really, though sometimes it doesn't feel that filling to me.

Waltermittythesequel Thu 27-Oct-16 15:28:54

I've a friend who always has chicken drumsticks cooked and in her fridge.

She then always has something ready to go!

Scorbus Thu 27-Oct-16 15:37:01

Is soup an option at all? The SW soup book has lots of lovely ideas and most A are freezable so you can portion them out over a longer time.

ChessieFL Thu 27-Oct-16 19:20:04

Jacket potatoes (cook at home then reheat at work) with beans.

dannyglick Thu 27-Oct-16 20:18:21

I work a 14 hour day, so I take breakfast, lunch and tea with me: my bag is very heavy!
I take cereal, milk and fruit for breakfast.
Regular lunches and teas are:
Leftovers, as a PP said- chilli, curry, etc.
Packets meat and salads.
Tins Asda Vegetable Chilli, or Heinz Lentil Curry(with salad or packet UB rice).
SW Iceland frozen soup, or homemade soup, either a SW recipe or just made with Asda fresh veg soup mix.

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