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Can I start at 6 weeks?

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citytofarmlife Fri 21-Oct-16 07:27:29

Hi, I was on SW for a month then had holiday and found out I'm nearly 6 weeks. I'm intending to go back as I'd like to lose before I start putting on. (Wish I lost more before I conceived!) anyone been in this situation, Is this possible - can you be pregnant and go on SW? Don't really want to ask the consultant lady. Any advice appreciated!

TallulahBetty Fri 21-Oct-16 07:32:02

You can indeed - SW is safe during pregnancy as it's not a diet, it's a healthy eating lifestyle. Just make sure you let your consultant know as you can have extra syns I think?

dannyglick Fri 21-Oct-16 10:55:10

Following SW during pregnancy is fine, OP.
I don't know about extra concessions, but speak to your consultant and she will let you know.
You could just tell her in a few weeks if you want to keep the news private for a little while: in the meantime, you will be eating healthily.
I've known a few pregnant members in my group over the years, including one lady who lost several stones ( around five) while pregnant.
And groups are baby- friendly when you return after the birth.
The SW eating plan is approved by midwives.

WatchingFromTheWings Fri 21-Oct-16 10:57:07

Congratulations! flowers

I go to SW and we had one member who was going right up until she had her baby. Have a chat with whoever runs the class.

frikadela01 Fri 21-Oct-16 11:02:36

It's fine to follow SW, I think it's the only diet endorsed by the royal college of midwives. However I had to get a letter from my midwife confirming I was ok to carry on classes.

SoleBizzz Fri 21-Oct-16 11:06:29

Slimming World promotes overeating and aspartame. This diet is great for people with not much to lose and does educate people about nutrition.

dannyglick Fri 21-Oct-16 11:14:50

Solebizzz, the SW plan is based around free foods, which are lean meats, fish, fruit and veg, with measured amounts of dairy and high fibre cereals.
It's planned in line with current government- advised nutritional guidelines.
Free foods don't need to be specifically measured, but eaten in controlled, normal portion sizes.
I've never heard of overeating being encouraged, or artificial sweeteners.
Someone has given you wrong information: hope you won't be put off if SW interests you.

citytofarmlife Fri 21-Oct-16 22:14:57

Thank you for all your kind advice, I've done it before and has worked but that was when I had a normal appetite, no cramps and not a looming weight gain with (a hopeful) bump. Fingers crossed and will enquiry next week. X

frikadela01 Fri 21-Oct-16 22:34:34

Just to say that a huge weight gain isn't inevitable when you're pregnant. I gave up on slimming world once it became clear that the only thing I could stomach was crumpets and cereal. However I tried to not go ott and the day I webt in to be induced I weighed the exact same as when I booked in with the midwife at 10 weeks. I even got a distinct bump which at 17.5 stone I didn't think would happen. Good luck smile

citytofarmlife Sat 22-Oct-16 09:53:30

Oh really wow well done! That's comforting to know, feel so nauseous all the time and not sure if I can keep up with the speed foods when all I feel like is cereal and bread! Will keep an eye what I eat, I guess just being conscious not to go overboard with types of food when I get my appetite back! X

YorkieDorkie Sat 22-Oct-16 10:00:54

Yes you can absolutely join SW, I think you'll have extra syns and possible an extra HA and HB or two a day. Your goal will not to be to lose weight though, it will be to manage your gain and eat healthily smile. I wasn't in group through pregnancy but I followed the plan and put on a stone and a half which I thought was sensible for me - I could easily have put on 3+ stone if I had eaten whatever!

ChristmasSeacow Fri 28-Oct-16 18:28:48

I am in a similar situation - just found out I am pregnant and v early days so I don't want to tell anyone, even my consultant. I had lost almost 4 stone on SW (without aspartame - don't like the stuff!) but then put back about half over the summer when I had a short pregnancy and miscarriage. Purely emotional eating.

I also really wish I was starting a bit lighter this time but just want to eat well. I am slacking off a bit on rationing dairy as I think I would get an extra HexA (and it is good stuff for pregnancy) but am hoping more or less sticking to plan will help me to eat well generally -ration cake and the like and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg. That's what I do when I'm in the groove and it feels like I am really looking after myself, which is what I need to do now. I do generally cook everything from fresh but if I take my eye off SW too much bread, butter and cake creeps in in between meals.

I will ask my midwife when I see her and will tell my consultant when I am a bit further along.

Good luck with your pregnancy!

Littlemisssugarplum88 Sat 29-Oct-16 19:31:59

I've started slimming world and I'm only 4 weeks smile

How is everyone getting on?!

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