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Week 1..

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CaptinMuma Thu 20-Oct-16 11:09:14

My first week and I lost 5.5lbs 😆 now how do I keep on track for week 2 because that was hard!! Hints and tips welcome x

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loopyloo87 Thu 20-Oct-16 13:36:44

Well done you that's a fantastic loss.. I'm on my second week were you given diary slips to keep a note of everything that you eat ... I don't look at SW as dieting more of changing my terrible eating habits . With SW you shouldnt be starving yourself ..

CaptinMuma Thu 20-Oct-16 15:16:46

Thanks loopy loo, it's definitely about being more mindful of what you eat. I just don't want to let myself down. X

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NickyEds Thu 20-Oct-16 16:34:55

That's a big weight loss! Well done! One thing I would bear in mind is your syns, are you having all/most of yours? I only say that because a few ladies at my group tried hard for a few weeks, lost really well and then gave up because it was miserable! I'd have your syns and try to vary your healthy extras.

KP86 Thu 20-Oct-16 16:47:18

Firstly, don't be disappointed if you don't lose as much in week 2, it's very common. I lost 7lb week 1, then only 1.5lb week 2. But it has kept coming off and I'm 22lb lighter after almost four months. It would have been more but I've had a few holidays/weekends away where I didn't pay any attention to my intake and gained some weight back.

Definitely eat at least five syns each day.

Keep your water or decaf hot drink intake up.

Make sure you are eating HEs, particularly B as the fibre will help. I didn't eat many of mine in week 2 and I notice I definitely lose more in the weeks I have them.

Start looking for new recipes to try, there are heaps of Facebook groups or the SW website. Keep your menu fresh and exciting.

Start incorporating some more exercise (body magic) into your week if you can. Park further away, walk instead of bus etc. For me, being lighter made being active easier which in turn gives you more energy to be active and the positive cycle continues!

Don't get lazy and stop tracking your food diary. Even if it's on your phone and you fill in your paper one later in the day. They get you to do it for a reason. For me, it stopped those little mouthfuls here and there if I knew I had to own up to it and write it down!

Good luck.

CaptinMuma Thu 20-Oct-16 20:53:15

Thanks NickyEds, I normally use all my syns it keeps me happy getting a treat at the end of the day.
KP86 Thanks for all the great tips 😆 lots to work on and hopefully get a steasy loss goingx

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GasLightShining Thu 20-Oct-16 23:24:51

Well done. Don't get too hung up on how much loss each week. Follow the plan and be thankful for any weight loss. I have found (for me anyway) there seems to be no rhyme or reason for how much I lose each week so have accepted that any loss is a loss (and some weeks I am rejoicing at a STS!!!).

If you lost half a pound a week that would be almost two stone over the year.

I have a little note book to record my syns. I don;t always have my HEA but I do eat yogurt at least twice day so still having calcium so not fussing too much about that

It has taken me over 7 months to lose 2 stone. Others have taken a lot less time than that but I have had a life and not refused nights out and I am 2 stone lighter.

CaptinMuma Fri 21-Oct-16 14:06:48

Wow GaslightShining that's an amazing loss congratulations, I guess it's all about looking at the bigger picture and not worry about every week beginning perfect. Thanks

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