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Translating original/green to extra easy

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Famalam13 Fri 14-Oct-16 12:27:51

Have got a Slimming World book out of the library but it only has original/green syns. Is there a way to translate to extra easy?

dannyglick Sat 15-Oct-16 08:45:52

Hello, Fam, I've been a target member at SW for years, and still use lots of recipes from my old books.
Red and Green recipes would have been synned for potatoes, rice, etc on red, and for meat, fish,etc on green, but these are now free on Extra Easy.
You need to count the lower syn value in your library book.
Don't forget to include a third of your plate speed food, as that was new when Extra Easy started, so serving suggestions in old recipe books might not always be up to date with that.

Famalam13 Sun 16-Oct-16 06:25:38

Thanks that's great smile

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