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SP Advice please

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Vickytoria75 Thu 06-Oct-16 21:17:51

Hi all - Some advice please re slimming world SP. I'm doing the plan myself at home (not attending meetings) & have done pretty good - lost a stone since June.....1 more to go. I've started doing Sp to try & speed up my weight loss but not sure I'm doing it right. A typical day we'd be -

B - porridge with milk hxa & 1 b
L - salmon & Brocoli
Snack - egg, ham & tomato sarny hxb 2 (2 slices of wm bread from small loaf)
D - sp chicken casserole with green veg
Snack - satsumas

Does this sound right? I'm cutting out all the carbs your supposed to I think....don't eat yogurt.

Any advice wud be much appreciated.....thank you!!

lucjam2105 Sat 08-Oct-16 08:44:37

Sounds right, remember there is fruit you cant have like bananas, grapes, mango etc

Buttwing Sat 08-Oct-16 10:39:45

Make sure half your plate is made up of speed food.

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