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Help, mummy doesn't know what to eat!

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sncarrington Sun 02-Oct-16 20:01:10

Hi all, I started weight watchers a while back and did well,,, only for a few weeks. I did loose weight and thought it was ok as I was eating at least and didn't feel hungry. I don't agree with all of it but feel I need to do something to loose my baby weight and not sure I can cope with weight watchers for being so bloody hungry all the time.
The problem I have is that I seem to have demanding baby (bless her). She barely sleeps in the day, she'll only sleep in car or pram when out so I don't get time in the day to prepare food. My husband works late every night so I don't get any help there, and my baby doesn't sleep till maybe gone 9 some days. With all the other chores I find it hard and very stressful getting to half 9 absolutely shattered thinking I then have to cook dinner. I eat so late and then have to start chores etc. She is still up at least twice in the night for feeds (she is 8months) so it's hard.
I just don't know what to eat to keep on plan that I can make very quickly at 9 that's satisfies my 'omg I need to eat 17 chocolate bars because I'm finding everything so hard' urge.
Does anyone else have this problem?
Batch cooking is also hard as I don't get much help with my baby so don't get the time. She is very needy/gets bored, will only stay in her high chair for 10 mins before getting annoyed, same with anything else so really feel I don't get a min to do much at all.

What should I eat?? I just don't know :-(

maygirl Mon 03-Oct-16 00:43:02

It is really hard with a small baby. You're doing great and some choc after a non-stop day is definately allowed! When i was in this position I would try popping my DD in a sling on my back when I did chores or cooked, or preparing the food sitting at the dining table when she was her high chair opposite me, so she had my attention and something to watch and maybe little tastes to eat or bits and bobs to play with! And hoovering the stairs with her in the sling got her to nap! The white noise!
Quick meals on SW, I find bagged salads, varieties of cold meats like chicken tikka, pastrami, prawns handy to have in fridge as well as cold hardboiled eggs. Omelette/scrambled eggs/SW quiche is quick to chuck together. Baked potato/sweet potato shoved in oven at 8pm ready for 9? With Heinz chickpea or lentil Dahl or baked beans and steam fresh pack of veg in microwave . salmon fillets cook fast. Or 4 minute dried noodles, pack stir fry veg and some meat strips or prawns + syn free oyster sauce. Aunt Bessie's swede and carrot mash is only 0.5 syn and really quick in microwave for Speed veg.
But ideally I'd try and eat a meal at the same time as your DD if she's on solids now, eating similar food, with extra fat sources added for her portion! So you can get to a point where just preparing the same meal for everyone in the family and eating at a decent time . And having your syns in chocolate in a relaxed manner once she's finally asleep!!

inlovewithmybabygirl Tue 04-Oct-16 21:17:19

Thank you that's really helpful. I think I've been feeling a bit down and lazy too recently which hasn't helped. Going to try and plan and get back on track. I'm anxious about going back to group again as I'm wondering if they are going to charge me for all the weeks I've had off? Will mail the lady.
Going to try the SW quiche tomorrow. Love the microwave veg pack too didn't think of that!

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