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FlippertyJibbit Thu 29-Sep-16 16:46:05

Hi everyone, I've lost 4 stone EXACTLY so far on SW, I started at 24st and am now down to 20st from May until now, so still a way to go, everyone is v proud of me etc etc but I'm finding I'm stuck in a bit of a rut now.. I'm still losing but getting bored of the same thing and finding myself picking at things. I'm still within Syns etc but I'm not making the best choices.

I'm trying to write a meal plan for one week and currently have 2 days of spag Bol and 2 days of jacket potatoes, and now I'm stuck!?

I need simple, quick ideas that will be welcomed by three year old DS as well as husband. Also trying to tighten the purse strings as well, so nothing TOO expensive. I've checked out Two Chubby Cubs and a couple of Instagram pages but I have no inspiration.. can anyone give me some fail safe favourites that you rely on to get you through the week?

My HEXA and HEXB are taken by my breakfast and I'm fine with lunches, just need tea-time ideas.. pleeeease save me!!

dcrxcm Thu 29-Sep-16 20:56:26

Oh dear - we could have written the same post! I too am a bit stuck. Here are some of our favourites:

Fritata (fried cube potatoes, spring onion, leftover veg and any meat/quorn bits we've got to hand... then 1/2 a HEXA of feta) we normally have salad with this

Pulled Mexican chicken (essentially slow cooker chilli but with chicken instead of mince, you simply poach in the sauce then remove when cooked and shred it before returning to cooker)

Stir fry (leftover veg and simple sauce of blitzed coriander, soy, bit of honey - jarred peppers really good to blitz for sauce as well)

Katsu curry (sw recipe isn't bad at all - sometimes I cheat and use quorn hot and spicy burgers for a couple of syns instead of faffing with chicken)

Low syn or free quorn sausages with mash, veg and gravy

SW wedges with spice rubbed chicken (or fish!) and broccoli

Marinated salmon (use a similar thing to stir fry sauce) with green beans and buttery potatoes (a tbsp of butter will do four portions really, add some chives for extra love!)

Ham, poached eggs and homemade chips (for speed I'll normally scoff something alongside while DP has something sw unfriendly)

Fajitas (syn the wrap or use mini tortilla boat)

SW soup - quite like doing a minestrone as it feels more like a meal

Pasta and meatballs (either quorn balls or sw ones from iceland) with a sprinkle of cheese

Jacket sweet potato with light cream cheese and salad

Hope that helps! I find that sitting down and doing a plan where I mark down where I'll be having my A and B each day really helps. We used to avoid using syns for dinner and the same for HEXA and B as we were too reluctant to miss out in the day. The solution was to compromise and use some syns for extra cheese/nuts/breadcrumbs for dinner as it makes things so much more varied and flexible. From a healthy eating perspective it's also done us the world of good to use syn allowance for nuts or something with nutritional value rather than chocolate (ahem! Not that I've ever done that!!) Xx

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