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Slimming World newbie

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slimmingworldkatiem95 Thu 22-Sep-16 23:04:46


So I started Slimming World on Monday this week, and have 100% been on plan all of this week. I feel ridiculously bloated and feel like I have not lost any weight whatsoever! sad I know I've only been on plan for 4 days, but surely I shouldn't be feeling this vile?!

My day goes something like this:

B: 2x wholemeal bread with baked beans (HexB)

L: Pasta bolognese with mushrooms & onions (syn free), with an orange and grapes/strawberries.

D: Chicken, rice & lots of veg! (no syns)

Snacks: 1 curly wurly (7syns)

I have been drinking 2l of water a day too, so I really don't know what I'm doing wrong!

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JenniMToday Fri 23-Sep-16 13:14:19

How are you feeling today? Have you reduced caffeine or anything?
If you aren't used to eating all that fruit and veg it could be that. Are you pooing ok?

Mummyme87 Fri 23-Sep-16 19:37:51

I felt bloated until about 6 days into my first week and lost 5lb. Maybe due to the increase in fruit and veg

nebulae Fri 23-Sep-16 20:52:19

It's possible you're having too many carbs. I'd feel bloated if I had carbs three times a day. I tend to have them only once. You may find it settle down after a few more days though.

WhatsGoingOnEh Fri 23-Sep-16 22:43:08

Do you have 1/3 speed fruit or veg with EVERY meal, like you're meant to?

That's a lot of food for one day. Did you eat 3 big meals like before starting SW? I know it's all allowed (with 1/3 speed stuff), but you have to use your own judgement.

I'm on my second week and I've been feeling quite bloated too. On other diets, my stomach has felt really flat by this stage! But i am coming up to TOTM.

I don't really have much good advice, sorry!

GasLightShining Sat 24-Sep-16 00:25:35

I would give it time as it may just be your body getting used to a new way of eating, Apparently (so I have been told) giving up sugar can make you constipated (which could make you feel bloated - does me) even though you are eating fruit and veg your body needs to get used to the fruit and veg.

Carbs can be a problem for people so you need to work out whether this is a problem. No point in depriving yourself if it s not a problem.

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