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iloveroastpotatoes Wed 14-Sep-16 18:51:41

Does anyone use an Actifry whilst on Slimming World? I've wanted to get one for a while and wondering if it's worth it.

anyname123 Wed 14-Sep-16 18:53:02

Oooh they are amazing for chips! I'm not on SW so can't advise on the other recipes etc, but you definitely you've had 'treat' chips, but they are really low fat. I use mine probably twice a week

iloveroastpotatoes Fri 16-Sep-16 08:12:08

Thanks anyname.

Gruffalosgrandma Fri 16-Sep-16 08:36:43

Couldn't live without mine. Chips are really good, stir fry is easy. I use mine as a mini oven too.

WhatsGoingOnEh Fri 23-Sep-16 22:46:21

there's a deal where yo can get £100 off an Actuary, via slimming world. Here:

jetsetlil Tue 04-Oct-16 13:03:54

I was just about to start a thread about this. I've bought an air fryer but apart from chips what other slimming world dinners can I make in it?

HughLauriesStubble Fri 07-Oct-16 09:49:04

I use mine mostly for chips and sausages. It's also handy for 'frying' leftover meat and chicken, it gives a lovely crispness. I do a leftover chicken hash with onions, garlic, and mushroom and it's delicious.

I tried chicken drumsticks in it once or twice but it didn't work out for me. I really must experiment a bit more, although it gets used at least twice a week in our house as it is anyway.

jetsetlil Sat 08-Oct-16 08:32:26

Oooh that chicken hash sounds good. I think I will have to watch a few YouTube videos for ideas

Namechangingbastard Tue 11-Oct-16 09:07:24

Mine gets used most days. Syn free chips, chicken portions, sausages etc I also make syn free roast potatoes and roast carrots parsnip etc. I would be lost on SW without mine!

HughLauriesStubble Tue 11-Oct-16 12:38:42

name what kind of chicken portions do you use (thighs or leg quarters etc) and how long do you cook them for? I've tried drumsticks and leg quarters a few times and they were still pink after ages of cooking so I ended up having to finish them off in the oven confused Not sure where I'm going wrong confused

Namechangingbastard Tue 11-Oct-16 15:57:19

I've done most 'bits', chicken legs tend to take forever but I leave the skin on so the meat stays tender and doesn't dry out. I just remove skin before eating. Might be worth buying a thermometer so you can check the temperature to ensure its cooked.

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