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Have I just sabotaged my progress?

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AndieDublin Wed 07-Sep-16 15:28:06

Just come back from meeting and only lost 1/2 lb I'm gutted! Thought I had a great week. I just swirled an options chocolate sachet (2syns) into a 500g of 0%total fage yogurt.i ate the full tub!!!!!!!
I know the yogurt is free but 500G? Emotional eating at its worst. Raging with myself. It's hardly only 2syns???

chough Wed 07-Sep-16 19:38:53

Andie, don't worry, you've not sabotaged your progress at all!
Half a pound is still a loss, and if you think it should have been more, it's probably "in the bank" for next week.
It's not ideal to eat a whole tub of Total, as part of the plan is to not overeat, but it is only 2 syns.
DH and I have half one of those big tubs each.
Anyway, no more raging, as you're doing fine.

AndieDublin Wed 07-Sep-16 19:51:57

Awa thank you, I've been good today minus that, that said the 11syns have been used on chocolate 😂

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