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Batch cooking suggestions.

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Thewinedidit Tue 30-Aug-16 09:01:00

Does anyone have any SW meals they can recommend that freeze well? Looking to have a supply of frozen home made meals for after work meals.

Currently have chilli, soup, bolognese and the easy curry.

Thewinedidit Wed 31-Aug-16 10:32:13

Bumping hopefully.

Ryooki Wed 31-Aug-16 10:34:08

I find their sausage casserole, chicken hotpot and chicken cacciatore freeze well. I also make up batches of brown rice with lentils, chopped peppers and broccoli and freeze them in takeaway style tubs to act as side dishes. Makes a change to pasta or SW chips and is surprisingly filling.

Thewinedidit Wed 31-Aug-16 12:26:41

Thanks Ryooki. I will have a look at those recipes. I just would find it much easier to stick to plan if I was more organised and not having to cook from scratch every night. Is the rice ok to freeze? I've always been wary of reheating rice.

Ryooki Wed 31-Aug-16 13:32:41

The rice I cook up makes 4 batches and lasts 5 days in the fridge but can also be frozen. You just have to make sure it's piping hot when you re-heat it (from fresh or frozen) and it's perfectly safe and tasty. I've been doing it for around 2 years now and never once had a problem.

My method for getting great brown rice every time goes like this: Add 1 cup of dry brown rice to a non-stick saucepan and then add 2 cups of water. Cover with the lid, bring it to the boil and once boiling reduce to a simmer and leave it for 35 minutes. Don't lift the lid or stir it in that time! The water should boil away completely in that time too, which is why you need a non-stick pot ideally. Turn the heat off and leave it sat with the lid on for a further 10 minutes. You can then dish it out into 4 portions. Sorry to use cups rather than grams but I find it quicker than weighing out to exact grams and it's very easy to remember too! smile

Thewinedidit Wed 31-Aug-16 17:24:53

That's perfect thank you. Will definitely have a go at it.

Namechangingbastard Thu 01-Sep-16 10:50:24

The quick chicken and spinch curry freezes well that's my freezer meal in emergencies along with a bag of frozen rice! I've also made individual cottage pies and freezer bags full of the super speed soup stuff.

Thewinedidit Thu 01-Sep-16 19:15:22

Oh chicken and spinach curry sounds amazing. Will look that up!

redcaryellowcar Thu 01-Sep-16 19:24:32

Sorry I've nothing useful to add, but thank you for the suggestion of chicken and spinach curry. I've just started slimming world and need some ideas as dh useless at eating anything with vegetables or mixed together, so it's not really possible to eat with him, often!

ChefWhoSlims Thu 01-Sep-16 19:29:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lucjam2105 Thu 01-Sep-16 19:58:44

Thanks chef for the link to your blog. Will take a look later.

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