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WipsGlitter Sun 28-Aug-16 09:18:21

DP has decided we are going to do slimming world. I can do slimming world dinners and have some good easy recipes from the magazines.

For breakfast and lunch he would generally have three weetabix and milk and for lunch a cheese sandwich, some toms, a banana and a club. If he kept to that I think it would be too much hexB and hexA.

I was thinking I could poach us both some eggs in the morning instead and then he could still have the sandwich? He's not a salad fan, but is good about eating fruit.

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Geepee71 Sun 28-Aug-16 21:08:47

You'd be better off signing up and joining a group for the initial welcome chat and overview from the consultant, then working out of you can follow it yourself. It takes a bit of getting your head round, and when you sign up you get all the membership booklets with lists of free and speed foods.
There's free membership in Woman magazine next week.

Also you don't want to be eating the same food for breakfast and lunch every day!

WipsGlitter Mon 29-Aug-16 07:33:40

I signed up online and have all the books and stuff. To be honest we eat the same breakfast every day anyway and the only way I can work things like this is by keeping it really simple!!!

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Geepee71 Mon 29-Aug-16 14:17:22

Hi wips, yes having weetabix and also bread would use more HexB that you are meant to have in a day, so you would need to syn one of them.
In fact 2 weetabix are HexB, so having 3 would be HexB and 3 Syns.
Similarly with the milk, if you are using that for breakfast will you have enough HexA for enough to cheese to make a sandwich?
Would your husband have something other than cheese in his sandwich, ham or chicken or something?
Has your husband read the books, it might help him get his head round it, my other half always comments when I have chocolate or a huge meal, as he doesn't get it. smile

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