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SW online v SW group

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Muffintopmum Sat 06-Aug-16 11:19:40

Hello all,

I lost about a stone earlier this year following SW online but (predictably for me) fell off the wagon and the weight has crept back on. I want to give SW another go as the recipes were family friendly, easy and I didn't feel hungry. Just contemplating joining a group (there is a local one on a Monday) as it would be nice to meet others and perhaps encourage eachother - come September though I will be time poor as I'm starting a University course. To those who have tried both, if you join a group do you get the same online 'tools' as if you had just joined online? Aside from being weighed at group, what else happens at a meeting and how long do they generally last? What has worked best for you?

Thank you in advance for any responses.

puppydogmummy Sat 06-Aug-16 17:13:53

Have to say I prefer going to group as it tends to focus me a bit better for the week ahead, the one I go to is also great fun and there's a really friendly atmosphere great banter and a lot of laughs (and I'm not normally an outgoing sort of person). Having said that if you don't get the right group I'd say it could've a bit my group you get weighed in for the first half hour 5.30 to 6 then an hour or so of chat and image therapy where they go round and ask everyone how they've done. A smaller group might not take as long. You get all the online tools once you join, but for me, there's no point in joining s group if you're not going to stay. Other people might find it different tho. Good luck whatever you do and have a look at the slimming world support thread on mumsnet tho it's full of good advice and support

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