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lunch ideas needed!

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Becky5W Mon 25-Jul-16 19:33:15

So far I've lost 1 st 8 but I'm getting sick of the food I'm eating for lunch. I'm seriously fussy so for lunch I've been having homemade spag bol (every day since Jan! Honestly!) And now I can't bear to look at spag bol never mind eat it! I don't like tomatoes or pepper etc (unless cooked so I can't really taste it blush) so not really thinking salad but I'm really struggling with ideas. Can anyone help? Thanks x

chough Mon 25-Jul-16 19:48:15

Becky, would it work for you to have leftovers from the previous evening's meal for your lunch?
DH and I both follow SW plan, and that works well for us, as there's just the two of us at home, so a SW recipe serving 4 will do us for evening meal and next day's lunch.
I agree that it can be hard to think of different things to have.

Becky5W Mon 25-Jul-16 19:50:01

With some meals it probably would work to be honest, thank you. I never really thought of doing that. Do you just re heat in microwave? X

iklboo Mon 25-Jul-16 19:52:18

The SW quiche is nice. You can choose your own fillings, make one big one or several mini ones.

chough Mon 25-Jul-16 20:05:05

Becky, yes, just reheat in microwave.
I use Sistema microwave bowls ( from Asda or Wilko), with a vented lid.

Twinklestar2 Mon 25-Jul-16 22:32:31

I feel your pain! I've been eating chicken salad for lunch since October. Following with interest!!

ChessieFL Tue 26-Jul-16 06:46:14

Jacket potato with beans - you can cook the potato in advance and just reheat. Sandwiches if you use your B choice for bread.

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Tue 26-Jul-16 07:21:01

I make soup, but make sure there is protein in there like meat or lentils. I also use leftovers as suggested previously. In dire straits I use mug shots but they aren't massively filling.

Twinklestar2 Wed 27-Jul-16 23:14:17

I had pasta with pesto today and a big side salad.

Becky5W Fri 29-Jul-16 19:27:00

Thanks for your ideas..hopefully this will put an end to spag bol lunches!

froubylou Sat 30-Jul-16 15:58:50

I have either soup or salad for lunch. I batch cook a huge pot over the weekend, freeze a couple of portions and leave a couple in the fridge.

Also omelette is quick and easy to make and easy to have either veg or salad on the side.

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