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FedUp100 Sat 23-Jul-16 20:56:30

I'm 3 stone heavier than I was before I had my 1st baby. I was a healthy slim weight and size 10 - 12 before my first pregnancy. That was 5 years ago now. In that time I've had a second baby too. I didn't feel like addressing my weight for a long time after they were born, I was too busy looking after them and too happy in my own little world with them. Now I'm a size 16 and I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight/size.
My nearest and dearest have started dropping hints about my weight! I was talking about needing to buy a wrist watch, and my brother said "I think you need to get yourself a fitbit watch!". Then when we had a heatwave earlier this week I got stressed because all my summer clothes are too small and my husband said "well it's time you did something to get back in to them then!!". Now today my mother has given me a lecture about how it's time I started ''looking after myself properly'' and came round with a nutri-bullet and told me to start using it!
So after all these comments I'm feeling paranoid that I must look awful and hadn't realised.
So can any of you lovely mumsnet mums offer any advice on weight loss with slimming world? I can't eat wheat or dairy so how would this work with the healthy extras? I use soya milk - is this allowed? Never had to lose weight before and feel overwhelmed by the thought of it.
Thank you for any replies.

MrsCrankypants Sat 23-Jul-16 21:04:53

You can definitely do this without wheat or dairy. You can use soya milk for your Healthy A and there are lots of options for Healthy b without wheat. I started 5 weeks ago and have lost 13lb already. It's so easy to follow and I've actually enjoyed what I've been eating and haven't felt deprived of anything

maygirl Sat 23-Jul-16 21:38:06

Yes you can do it! If you join you can access wheat and dairy free menu plans online too. SW doesn't go in for nutribullet drinks though, whizzed up fruit and veg has to be counted as syns.
Perhaps look at the website or pick up a magazine and see what you think of the plan? I find it v easy to fit in with the family, we all eat the same meals apart from breakfast really.
I'm sure you don't look awful but your family are more concerned about your health and that you're not happy with your size. Good luck!

EsmeraldaEllaBella Sun 24-Jul-16 09:39:45

Yes go for it! I'm so glad I joined. It has been so easy too and I can still enjoy little treats. For some reason (calcium content?) you're actually allowed 500ml (I think?) of unsweetened almond milk but just 350ml skimmed milk. that's just one example but I actually think that the dairy free alternatives let you have even more than dairy for your healthy extra A. Extra B includes some gluten free plus nuts etc. I would go for it, I wish I had started sooner! smile

Ps sorry about the comments you're getting. My family are all skinny minis so they are the same. I'm sure they only want you to be healthy and happy smile

Char22thom Sun 24-Jul-16 21:57:30

I cant eat dairy wheat or gluten and Ive lost 18lb in 8weeks doing sw- it is def possible and I would highly recommend it to anyone x

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