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Need ideas for SW camping food!

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Titsywoo Wed 20-Jul-16 23:06:13

I'm off camping with a big group of friends plus kids in 9 days and I'm a bit worried about what I will eat. We usually do a big meal for everyone but I can't expect 18 other people to base their food on my diet so I might have to do something separately. Any ideas? Especially re getting my speed foods in without having to cart loads of fresh fruit and veg there. Luckily it's only 3 days but that's still 9 meals to preplan and only a camping stove to cook on - eek!

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hs2478 Thu 21-Jul-16 13:01:39

I have not much to help you I'm afraid as I'm looking for the same. I'm going to a festival in a month and needs some ideas too.


thelionsleeps Thu 21-Jul-16 13:12:15

Me too although don't need to do cooking with anyone which must be the tricky bit. I do normally take cucumber, toms, carrot sticks and lettuce to go with meals and lots of fruit to nibble on.

A fry up would be good for breakfast rather than having to take lots of fruit and yoghut or cereal and milk. I sometimes do wm wraps toasted in the frying pan (syn for the wraps but not too bad) stuffed with bacon and cheese.

What about burgers as great if homemade or you can get some great low syn ones. Jacket pots done in the fire with beans and cheese. Big homemade chilli which is normally sw friendly or bolognase? Or pasta with cheese and chorizo (some chorizo doesn't need putting in the fridge).

Also something which I try and do and often fail is plan by syns alcohol and snack wise so I know what I want to stick with. So I will take slimming world friendly crisps and that is my lot - easier said than done after a few vinos.

I try and stay away from too many pasta n sauce or mug shots but they are quick and easy when camping too!

Have fun!

Char22thom Thu 21-Jul-16 13:56:46

When we go camping we usually have a bbq at least once, loads of free salad and heck sausages and burgers as they are so low in syns 😊

itmustbemyage Thu 21-Jul-16 14:26:56

I would try and minimise the damage by taking speed foods (that don't need to be cooked) ready chopped up for the first day in a cool bag (with ice packs) so 3 meals out of the 9 have some of the meals suggested up thread as small portions then add your chopped speed. On the other days have small portions of the meals then add picked beetroot or similar or jars of roasted peppers (the ones without oil) which don't need a fridge or to be cooked. Tinned tomatoes can be added to most meals for speed and foods like apples, and carrots can be taken along without the need for refrigeration over the three days and chopped on site.
Worse case scenario it's only 3 days off plan, and you can be super good the rest of the week at home.

Leannetaylor247 Tue 26-Jun-18 15:21:05

I found this list of 101 camping foods, I'm sure alot of these could be made slimming world friendly..

Ricekrispie22 Wed 27-Jun-18 16:44:53

Any seasoned camper knows that cooking pasta and rice (the basic Slimming World staples) take about 4 hours whilst camping. Par-boil pasta and rice, pop into freezer bags and freeze to take with you. It’ll take a couple of minutes to cook through and is nice and filling. Boil in bag rice is FREE and it’s easier to cook when camping as it won’t be as hard to clean and you can reuse the pot right away.
Check out this brilliant recipe for syn free campfire stew
You can also try Poor Man’s Ramen: 1 Egg noodle nest or block per person, soy sauce, an OXO veg cube per person, tinned peas, carrots, and tinned corn. Toss it all in a pot, crumble the OXO cube on top, and bring to a boil. Takes about 10 minutes. You can drain it OR have it soupy and use soy sauce to taste.
I also like to make up some SW barbecue sauce before we go and I use one of those lock n lock tube shaped containers for it. The balsamic vinegar preserves it. If you are taking a grill or can get one of those disposable grills, you could have a barbecue with quorn burgers, or you could even make the burgers on the camping stove in a frying pan. If I was doing a barbecue, I would cook corn on the cob (it’s probably very American! lol), heat up some beans (baked beans is also a big barbecue thing in the US), and fry some potatoes (or if you have a campfire or charcoal grill – stab potatoes and wrap them in foil, then bury them in the coals)
Quick to cook and syn free mug shots are also handy.
For breakfast you can make up your own instant porridge packs in plastic bags. 2 tsp of dried powdered skim milk is 1 Syn. Measure out 35g of porridge and 2tsp of dried skim milk into your bags and in the mornings pour into a bowl and add boiling water. You can add some frozen berries (use them as an ice pack as they thaw!) for some added S foods.
Make hash browns/fried potatoes. Get a tin of new potatoes, slice them or cut them into chunks, and fry with some fry light. Super easy, and they go great with some fried eggs, tinned tomatoes, and baked beans.
When camping, it's easy to overdo the booze which won't help your diet. Come prepared to make some cocktails such as Moscow Mule (Lime juice, soda water, diet ginger beer). Good old Gin free G&T (yes, it’s just diettonic water and a slice of lime, but it’s surprisingly good!). Make whatever concoction you fancy, minus the booze!

OuchLegoHurts Wed 04-Jul-18 09:52:20

Low fat high meat content burgers
Low fat sausages
Tomatoes (life saver for speed food)
Healthy extra option bread with ham, lettuce, tomatoes for lunch
Gin and Slimline tonic

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