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Anyone starting slimming world

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Jk2016 Sun 17-Jul-16 20:47:19

I'm about to start slimming world tomorrow night & I'm desperate to lose 4 stone, feel totally fed up of being overweight, its been a hot day but havnt worn nice summer clothing as I look to fat, this time next year I want to have reached my goal, wish me luck (I need it!!!!)

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starlight284 Sun 17-Jul-16 21:08:41

Hi I am debating whether to start slimming world, as I really need to lose some weight. I have done it before but gave up very quickly. Good luck In your journey! I am sure you will do great smile

Jk2016 Sun 17-Jul-16 21:20:06

Thanks starlight, only joined mumsnet tonight, hope the support will help me along the way

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Titsywoo Sun 17-Jul-16 21:31:45

Hi I started on Friday. I need to lose 5 stone so will be in it for the long haul I hope! First 3 days have gone well. Just need to be a bit more organised for the speed foods at breakfast and lunch when I am in more of a rush. Finding it a lot easier at the moment as it is so hot I'm not craving anything fatty anyway smile I am worried about the fact that we go camping in 12 days for 3 nights and I have no idea what to cook then!

Good luck tomorrow smile

froubylou Sun 17-Jul-16 21:37:25

Good luck JK.

I joined 10 weeks ago and am 16 lbs down. Including a weekend away which resulted in a small gain. It's pretty easy to follow and you will be surprised at what you can eat.

1.6lbs a week loss on average doesn't seem a lot but it soon adds up. I have 4st to lose too and am already 1/4 of a way there.

Jk2016 Sun 17-Jul-16 21:42:49

Thats really good going froubylou, when do you want to of lost 4 stone by

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VanillaSugar Sun 17-Jul-16 21:46:29

Marking my place

coughs No reason confused

miraclebabyplease Mon 18-Jul-16 02:42:11

I'm joining on Tuesday x

froubylou Mon 18-Jul-16 07:15:59

I haven't set it in stone JK. I set myself mini targets and work towards those otherwise it seems so far away. At the moment I am working towards my club 10 which is 3 lbs away so have given myself 2 weeks to get to that. Then it will be my 1.5st award. TheN I want to be a couple of lbs into that before a weekend away at the end of the school holidays.

4st seems massive. 3 lbs achieveable.

There is a sw support group on here I have found fantastic. Why don't you pop by and join in?

EsmeraldaEllaBella Mon 18-Jul-16 07:30:14

I personally like targets weights (in mini steps) but not deadlines - it's a marathon, take the scenic route grin

itfcbabe Fri 22-Jul-16 14:10:19

Good luck, I have 10 stone to lose so big weight loss.

I started 2weeks ago and have lost 10.5lbs so far,3.5lbs more till my 1st stone!!

Very happy with this loss and I can see myself slimmer next summer.xx

puppydogmummy Fri 22-Jul-16 21:41:46

Itfcbabe blooming well done!!!! I've recently started back again about 5 and a half stone to lose, but am actually enjoying what I'm eating this time round!

summerblonde Fri 22-Jul-16 21:46:32

I joined slimming world back in March weighing in at 10.3. I am 5' 2 so this weight shows. I lost 4lb in the first week, but to be honest my heart wasn't in it. Fast forward to July and with holiday to Greece 5 weeks away (and a comment from a colleague i'd put weight on) I have been following the slimming world plan at home. I was 9.12lbs 2 weeks ago, 9.10lb last week and I will weigh myself tomorrow. My ideal weight is 8.10. I am not aiming for that by my holiday though as I don't think it is achievable. 9.2lb would be great.

Tonight is hard I have been good all week but now could murder a Chinese! Reading other posts keeps me motivated!

onwego Sun 24-Jul-16 19:57:48

I joined last week with 2 stone to lose and had my first weigh in on Sat. I was very pleased as I lost 6lbs this week, helped by a very hot week so I didn't think about food much. I've struggled a bit thinking about what to eat as I'm used to cooking with olive oil, butter etc. I need to start meal planning, as I've been having a lot of boiled eggs and prawns.

Good luck everyone, this effort will be worth it when we feel that clothes fit easier and look better (that's what I'm going to keep in mind when it gets tough).

Finlaggan Sun 24-Jul-16 20:56:23

I just started 3.5lbs off in my first week, second weigh in tomorrow so we will see.

I think being organised is they key.

I've target 1 st to lose, ideally I'd like to lose 1.5st but not sure if that's achievable, thought I'd try it for a month and see how I get on.

Doesn't feel like I've lost this week so I'm hoping I'm not disheartened tomorrow.

DraenorQueen Mon 25-Jul-16 16:23:20

Hi can I join too? I'm hoping to lose 6 stone in total...
Saturday was my first weigh in and I lost 4lb that week so a good start. I'm on school holiday now so 6 weeks to plan carefully and get out on walks. Even though I'm only 4lb down, I can already see and feel a difference, which is a massive motivation.
Let's stick with it, everyone!! We can be slim, confident and attractive!

trumpybum1 Mon 25-Jul-16 16:50:13

I'm still at the "thinking about joining" stage. I really need to but just keep talking myself out of it. Need to get my (rather large) ass in gear grin

Onetimeatbandcamp Tue 26-Jul-16 15:06:39

Started a week ago yesterday online... Had a total meltdown trying to get my head round it! (Former weight watchers user) however, now I am getting to grips with it, I feel more comfortable and it is quite practical in terms of meals my family like.
I cook a lot from scratch, so that is not a major adjustment for me. Liking it so far!

I havent weighed myself, as I tend to get scale obsessed and rage quit if I dont lose enough! I suspect I am around 16 stone, so 6 1/2 to lose approx. I consider this a lifestyle change, so as long as my clothes gradually begin to get looser and my energy levels start returning I will consider it a win.

Emptynestx2 Wed 27-Jul-16 11:00:36

Hi, can I join, I live abroad so did SW online last year and was really pleased with 1.5 stone loss - fast forward to today and it's all back (I still had another 1.5 to lose last year!)

So today is a new start - I'm so cross with myself!

trumpybum1 Wed 27-Jul-16 13:36:07

I did it. I joined grin

HolditFinger Wed 27-Jul-16 13:42:00

Go for it, it's the only thing I've been able to stick to as there are healthy alternatives for just about anything you fancy!

I joined 12 weeks ago at 14st 11lbs, I'm now down to 13/2 and have dropped a dress size, and that's with going on holiday too. I set myself an initial target of 2 stone, just so it didn't feel so impossible. Once I've met that, I'll set myself another 2.

Good luck everyone, it's absolutely do-able!

LittleMachine Wed 27-Jul-16 15:20:42

I'm on week 3, with a loss target of 1 stone. I've lost 2.5lb so far. I'm only aiming for 1lb a week so happy with that. The main thing for me is getting out of the starve/binge cycle. I 'diet' by starving myself for weeks or months, then I'm so hungry and exhausted I eat rubbish, non-stop for weeks and months. I spent 18 months losing 25lb for my wedding, and put it all back on in the 3 weeks after. It's a lifestyle change for me, for my physical and mental health.
Finding SW easy - I'm never too hungry. It just needs lots of organisation.

I have found in the last few days, a hot lunch stops me wanting to snack more than a cold one.

Emptynestx2 Wed 27-Jul-16 16:27:08

Well done and good luck everyone, I haven't rejoined yet but struggling to remember what to eat. Today I've had fruit and yogurt and home made soup with tomato and lentils. What are your favourite meals and snacks?
Thanks for any advice

onwego Fri 29-Jul-16 09:39:28

I found dinner ideas very difficult last week but I'm on my second week and hopefully getting the hang of it (still struggling with my urge to graze constantly though). I've been having salmon/chicken with lots and lots of stir fried vegetables. Or a small portion of wholewheat pasta with a shed load of courgettes, spinach, garlic, chilli and prawns.

Snacks - boiled eggs are my friend. As well as fat free yoghurt, apples and cucumber/carrot sticks.

I'm still having a few squares of dark green and blacks chocolate after dinner. I know I shouldn't have it every evening, but haven't managed to follow the thought through! I'm feeling pleased as I resisted the urge to buy prosecco and crisps last night - it was the thought of weigh in tomorrow that helped. I've previously dieted without joining a group and I think it's really helping knowing that I'll have to face someone if I've put on!

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