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SW and running

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Ka1978 Sun 10-Jul-16 19:06:38


Hoping for a bit of advice. 2 years ago, I lost about a stone with SW, very slowly but I got there.

Since then, old habits have crept back in as although I am good with healthy meals, I have little will power when it comes to snacking.

I have half heartedly done SW since then but can't get to meetings now and find it hard to keep on track.

I am trading for a half marathon and have found that since then, the weight is even harder to shift. I run 4 times a week and have little time for any other exercise, although when the run is over, I'll get back to the gym.

Does anyone have any experience of training in SW - can someone help me believe that it is possible! xx

maygirl Wed 13-Jul-16 22:14:39

I did a half marathon in March whilst on SW and found training fine on the plan. Like you my weight loss is and always has been slow though .

I found baked sweet potato with a meal the night before a long run gave good energy, and baked oats for breakfast are fab!
And be prepared for post run hunger with SW friendly foods. Yogurts and fruit are good.
Good luck with the race!
Its tough when you feel like the weight should be dropping off with all the training but it just isn't. I tried to focus on how great feeling fit and being able to cover long distances (no matter what the scales say) feels.

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