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Will saving syns help this time

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36mum Thu 07-Jul-16 18:41:57

I've had a bad day, I've not been this bad for 13weeks, there was no trigger, basically I couldn't say no to one more and that's always my downfall. I don't know how I will overcome it.

I must of had 35 syns today, I normally have 4! Can I now spread out my 35 over the next 3 days before weigh in and hope it hasn't affected weight loss?

I've lost 2st 4lb so far and never had a gain before, I had a maintain once as was distraught! I'm not buying anything bad again, I fancied a sponge finger you know the ones you put in trifles, only 1 syn each but they come in packs of 30 so you can guess the rest shock

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loveulotslikejellytots Thu 07-Jul-16 18:49:24

I wouldn't panic. Just don't let it be the start of a downwards spiral. 3 days last week i went over, and I mean way over! 35, 22 and 50+ syns over three days. 2 days were unavoidable, hospital canteen food and motorway service stations. But the third day was totally my fault, well and my nans, she did a delicious buffet, homemade sausage rolls, quiche, cake... I still lost 3lbs. The other 4 days I did well!

Just write today off and start a fresh tomorrow!

pippinandtog Thu 07-Jul-16 19:03:47

I agree with loveyoulots, make use of flexible syns, and just draw a line now: if you have anything else this evening, make it free food.
I would probably try to keep my syns on the lower side before next weigh in (5-10 daily), and have plenty of speed food, maybe a couple of SP meals.
You're doing really well and today is not a problem.

36mum Thu 07-Jul-16 19:16:37

My head is crazy now! I'm about to do the family lunches for tomorrow and the thought of soft doughy tiger bread and thick salty real butter is overwhelming! I've been so good why am I trying to undo all of the hard work? I will NOT give in to the dark side!

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pippinandtog Thu 07-Jul-16 19:54:35

If you want tiger bread and butter, weigh and measure it, sit down and enjoy it, and count the syns.
You might decide to have something syn-free instead, or nothing at all.
It's all under your control.

pippinandtog Thu 07-Jul-16 19:57:06

Used to have tiger bread in the kitchen when DS was at home, and could smell it as soon as I opened the front door.
You are up against it, OP.

Aspergallus Thu 07-Jul-16 20:33:06

The thing with flexible syns is you count them and retain control. You can say, OK, I had 40 syns today, and draw a line under it. Not, OMG I binged! Which is catastrophic thinking and could trap you in negative behaviour.

I wouldn't try to go syn free to make up for it. Just stick to less than 10 for the rest of the week. If you try to go syn free you'll just get stuck in a cycle of severe restriction/binging/restriction and so on...and there madness lies!

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