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Quick anyone help with breakfast cereals?

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Camembertie Tue 05-Jul-16 18:29:12

DS11 and I are going to our first meeting tonight at the same the as DH going to the suet market, other than weetabux/shredded wheat what cereals can we have for breakfast that DH and I can eat please?

I think it's all changed since I did it last.

Thanks so much


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pippinandtog Tue 05-Jul-16 19:23:41

Camembertie, a few quick ones, as it's a little while since your post, and I guess they'll be out shopping:
Bran flakes
Kelloggs frosted/raisin wheats
Fruit n fibre
Weetabix crispy minis, chocolate chip
Dorset cereals simply delicious muesli/ simply nutty muesli
Amounts allowed will be in your new book which you'll receive tonight.

fraggle84 Tue 05-Jul-16 19:36:09

Special k chocolate & hazelnut granola
Coco shreddies

If you don't have a set pick up some weighing scales

Camembertie Tue 05-Jul-16 22:34:46

Ooh thank you, got shreddies, coco shreddies for his weekend treat and weetabux as love the portions already worked out for you.

Thank you

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Meow75 Thu 07-Jul-16 22:34:33

A good tip - save yourself syns by having Mullerlight Fat-free yogurts instead of milk.

If you shop at Lidl, the Milbona fat-free ones are equally good but less variety in the flavours. We get half and half to save a few pennies.

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