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Need to Sort Myself Out - Will SW do the trick??

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OwlRR Sun 26-Jun-16 20:35:54

I've piled on loads of weight recently, due to stress at work but also general greenness and laziness! I've always done WW in the past, and successfully lost loads of weight on it a few years ago but over the past couple of years just drifted with it and gradually put on, lost a bit, put a bit on .

So I'm thinking of starting SW to try to kick start my motivation on a new plan! Just have a few concerns if anyone can help me please?

How do you know how many syns are in things? On WW I use a points calculator on my phone, so worried about not having easy access to work this out.

I've read there's no real app based tracker / diary, this puts me off as I rely in this on WW. Is there anything people can recommend?

I don't really like much veg, will this go against me massively?

I very greedy so worried about my Porton sizes with free foods, is it best to still do weighing and measuring anyway and how would know how much to have?

I would join online, is it really easy to follow and I'll just find most of my questions answered anyway?

Sorry for the essay, just desperate with my weight at the minute so really hoping something is out there to sort me out! Thanks for any advice.

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IdblowJonSnow Sun 26-Jun-16 20:42:44

How much weight do you want to lose? It's good if you really like carbs. It is based on eating lots of veg/fruit and salad. So you if you really don't want to eat veg then you would need to eat heaps of fruit and salad instead. Loads of food is free and doesn't matter what quantity you eat so as long as you measure your syns then you don't need to be measuring out everything. I did it last year and lost half a stone really easily. Kept it all off too, started it again a few weeks to lose another 4lbs and can't get into it this time! But I think it's good and have known it to work for many people so well worth a try.

OwlRR Sun 26-Jun-16 20:49:41

Thanks for the reply! Love your username! I do really like carbs, so will be fine in that respect! Could never do carb free! Only thing carb wise I don't eat is rice. I'm not really into any veg or salad, which I know is terrible! But I do like fruit and will try to eat lots of the veg I do like! Apart from the veg issue, what worries me the most is the logistics of following it, as if I find it hard to know syns, or work out what I can eat when I'm out or eating out I think I'll get annoyed and give up!

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OwlRR Sun 26-Jun-16 20:50:30

Oh and I need to lose minimum of two stone so that would be my first target.

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SeemsLegit Sun 26-Jun-16 20:53:05

As a rough guide 20 cals is a syn and you can have 15 syns max a day. You can look up proper syn values bit if you can't be arsed then that's a good rule of thumb

OwlRR Sun 26-Jun-16 21:03:59

Oh thank you, it's good to know there's a rough guide to it. Does everyone just get up to 15 syns or does it depend on what you weigh? Is it easy enough to find stuff to have on it when you eat out?

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IdblowJonSnow Sun 26-Jun-16 22:35:58

Re eating out it's quite common sense based really, so swapping chips for jacket potato, not having butter on things, not having dressing on a salad. You do get up to 15 syns a day regardless of what you have to lose. It's easier to follow than weight watchers. They give you books with lists of branded products and tell you how many syns are in each. That's a sad day let me tell you! It definitely works if you do it properly and you can still have treats. The only carbs you have to kick is bread. You can have one or two slices of brown bread per day, any over that you have to count as a syn. Hope that helps. Good luck!

OwlRR Sun 26-Jun-16 23:14:11

Oooh sounds good then, I suppose you get to know what the free foods are and how they fit in with eating out. So if I join online I suppose I'll have access to the list of branded foods, or are the books things you have to buy? Very happy to hear it's easier to follow than WW as I know WW so well that can just reel off points off by heart but think I need to be thinking and planning something new to get my diet enthusiasm back! Will probably he week after next that I start it as need to wait to get paid! Thanks for the luck and if anyone has any more tips and advice is all much appreciated!

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OwlRR Sun 26-Jun-16 23:15:53

Oh and can you save up syns and use them all at a weekend?

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emmaluvseeyore Mon 27-Jun-16 09:44:57

I've been an online member for over a year now. You can download PDFs of the books to have on your phone, but there's an app you can use to look up syn values (although the search function is a bit rubbish at times).

Eating out can be a bit tricky, but it depends where you go. We pretty much avoid the chain Italian restaurants as a lot of the pasta dishes are too creamy. Nandos is quite good, as is any pub type place as you can often rely on something like a steak and jacket potato. But I think the key is too be a bit flexible with it, so we often just have what we want when we go out to eat (we don't eat out that often). We're doing this for life though as we'd just put everything back on again if we didn't.

I've lost 3st 12lbs now, so it definitely works!

Lj8893 Mon 27-Jun-16 09:48:21

I've found SW really quite simple and even with the odd treat/cheat day I have still managed to lose weight. I've lost a stone in 8 weeks, some lose weight even quicker than this.

I still have a long way to go yet!

Good luck!

OwlRR Mon 27-Jun-16 19:11:27

Thank you for a the helpful replies! Sounds really good from what everyone has said. So do you all save syns and use more at a weekend? Good luck to everyone with their continuing SW journeys!

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Helbelle75 Fri 01-Jul-16 15:31:57

I joined 3 weeks ago and have lost half a stone already (I have a stone left to lose now). I'm a big eater, and I've not been hungry, just changing the way I eat and what I eat.
I eat on average 10 syns a day, and they say not to save your syns, if you go over, then you go over, but obviously try not to too much!
Today I've had scrambled eggs, beans and tomatoes for breakfast, a banana for a snack, cottage cheese with celery, tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn for lunch, with a bit of fruit for after. It'll be salmon, veg and potato wedges for tea with a yoghurt. I haven't used any syns yet today as I want to have drink tonight!
I'm really enjoying finding all of the recipes and cooking new things.

OwlRR Fri 01-Jul-16 20:22:24

Sounds like a good day's eating! I'm quite keen on saving syns though as I like to have a good drink / eat out on weekends. See different advice about it, some people say it's OK to do but some like you say it's not, so guess I'll have to see how I go!

I've taken the plunge and joined online anyway, just been looking at recipes and meal planing, going to get underway with it on either Sunday or Monday! Hope u can do as well as posters here!

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OwlRR Fri 01-Jul-16 20:23:04

Sorry, hope I can do as well!

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Geepee71 Sun 03-Jul-16 09:09:03

Have fun with it owl, concentrate on what you can have and not what you can't. There are lots of helpful sites on Facebook too, if you google Syns or slimming world.

OwlRR Sun 03-Jul-16 20:22:48

Thank you, just cooked a SW cottage pie recipe and got loads of fruit and veg in so all set to go tomorrow and I am feeling pretty excited about it at the minute! I feel horrible and fat today so I'm just praying I see results!

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