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starting tomorrow (Lapsed target member)

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PhoebeMcPeePee Sun 26-Jun-16 08:37:49

I lost & kept 3 stone off quite easily for 18 months but past 3 months I've really slipped back into old habits and gained over a stone blush. Annoyingly at the start of the year I was thinking about losing another half a stone to try & get to my 'ultimate' (ie never thought possible!) goal but that now seems so much harder sad. I clearly need to address the gain & poor habits now but not sure I can face going back to group. I stopped going 6 months after target & now do an exercise class at that time which I'm loathe to stop but think I probably need the discipline to get me back on track.

Any other lapsed target members got back on track or need to? Do you recommend re-enrol & start afresh or dig out the old books & DIY? Anyone else - new or lapsed target members - starting tomorrow please join me:
Weight today: 11st 4
Interim holiday target by 10/8: 10st 7
Final target by 14/9: 9st 10

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