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I'm joining my local group on Friday - ideas for shopping in advance?

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Titsywoo Mon 20-Jun-16 21:12:29

What sort of things should I stock my kitchen with to last the first 3 days before I do my weekly shop? I figure I'm more likely to succeed if I'm well prepared grin

ChessieFL Tue 21-Jun-16 05:10:19

Fruit. Veg. Lean meat. Fish. Rice. Pasta. Fat free yoghurt.

BitchyHen Tue 21-Jun-16 07:13:29

If you're going to be cooking from scratch then get some quark and mustard powder, they are in a lot of recipes. I'd recommend picking up a magazine at group. Lots of good recipes in there.

For loiw syn snacks I would get hula hoops puft crisps, aldi cheese curls, Freddi chocolate bars and curly wurlys.

Don't forget muller light yogurts grin

DietTissues Tue 21-Jun-16 08:35:48

I find it easier to plan meals in advance then do the shop based on the meal plans.

SeemsLegit Tue 21-Jun-16 08:46:27

5% mince, passata, other lean meats and fresh fruit and veg

KP86 Tue 21-Jun-16 15:54:37

I'm also going to join SW this week (local meeting is tomorrow night), and I have a reasonable amount of meat in my freezer from LCHF, which I've been doing for the last four months - lost around 12kg so far, but I need to change it up.

The meat/fish that I know I have a few serves of is: Debbie and Andrew's sausages, pork steaks (which I can easily trim the fat off), lamb racks with fat, salmon pieces, 15% beef mince, 15% ocado beef meatballs.

How much is considered a serve of meat? 100g/person?

I'm sure I'll learn all about this tomorrow, but is it easy to calculate syns on the fattier meats and is it reasonable? A quick google told me that the sausages are 4.5 syns each (based on a 2011 thread), even though they are gluten and dairy free and only have 3% fat. That seems quite crazy to me!

I would also rather stick to full fat dairy, as we haven't had low fat in years. From what I've seen I will be able to use some healthy choices to go towards smaller amounts of full fat instead, which is ok.

emmaluvseeyore Wed 22-Jun-16 10:49:06

I've been doing SW for over a year and only eaten quark once!! None of our recipes have mustard powder in them :S

We do a week's meal plan and then shop for that. We mostly eat "normal" meals but SW friendly (i.e. make our own sauce for spag bol). The key thing is to get lean meat and use Frylight instead of oil.

Maybe pick up the latest SW mag in the supermarket for a bit of inspiration to get you started. We've got some great recipes from the mags over the last year.

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