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Bloody cliquey groups!

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practisingpatience Mon 20-Jun-16 18:39:03

Happy first day of summer one and all, I for one won't be spending this actually rather glorious evening sat in a stuffy church hall being ignored.

insert massive tantrum / it's not fair whinge

I know wherever a group of predominantly women all come together there is going to to be little segments of friendship, some open to newbies, others with the drawbridge firmly up. I work in such an office and I tend to hang out with the guys as despite their gross anecdotes, they don't spend our precious break calling everyone else.

Tonight however, really really got to me (violins please).

Dp and I started sw together a while ago, I'd done it before, but thanks to him telling me how gorgeous I was whilst stuffing myself with Percy pigs, I'd got back to square one and he was rather rounder than he'd like.

We go and stay to group together, rely on each other for company and talk to people we sit near and whoever else makes eye contact!

Tonight I went on my own as dp has man flu (yes in June) and every time I went to look for a chair I felt like Forrest Gump on the bus! Even the weighing in lady whispered my result and handed the book back without so much as a hello. So much to my embaressment I left feeling about 6 and not allowed to play because nobody knew whose game it was.

I have a friend at work who does it online for the exact same reason. Just wondered what you have to do to be someone everyone says hello to and included in their conversations?

crayfish Mon 20-Jun-16 20:51:39

Maybe it's because you usually go with DH and so (much as you think you might) you don't usually make much effort with other people, so they don't make much effort back?

Allyoucaneat Tue 21-Jun-16 12:38:21

I've been going for 8 weeks now, someone has spoken to me once and had a full conversation, I've never seen her again.

That's despite me making an effort to say hello to whoever I sit near and congratulate on any losses etc - nobody seems to want to chat to me and they all just have their own friendship groups. I don't go with friends, I go alone sad.

cheapskatemum Tue 21-Jun-16 21:03:34

I usually go alone. My friend who got me started suffers ill health, so can't often make it & even when she does we arrive at different times, so I always make sure I join the end of the weigh in queue with a massive smile on my face for the person in front of me. I say hello and ask them what sort of week they've had. Obviously, some people are more chatty than others, but I've never been outright blanked. When I sit down, if I don't see anyone I know near me, I offer to do the points & ask people around me to help because I'm not very good. I must say I find Norfolk folk friendly & helpful generally though.

Titsywoo Tue 21-Jun-16 21:07:02

I hate the SW groups. So boring and I don't think they help at all. I'll be rejoining on Friday and won't bother staying after the first week.

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