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how can I stay motivated?

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MrsMulder Sun 12-Jun-16 21:21:43

I have tried slimming world 3 times and given up, I have also tried weight watchers and gave up on that very quickly, I just can't do all the counting.

I hate looking at pictures of myself, I look horrible but I can't stop eating crap! I have vowed to go back to a class on Tuesday but how do I stay on track? I already feel like I am going to quit again but don't know how to change my mentality - help!

iklboo Sun 12-Jun-16 21:24:42

Small realistic targets. Don't look to your 'end' goal right away. So, say, 'I want to lose 7lb by August Bank Holiday' or something. Then when you achieve or exceed that, set another one '7lb by Halloween'.

LaConnerie Sun 12-Jun-16 21:29:51

Well I'm not sure, but I know for me something clicks and once I'm in 'the zone', I'm away. Bit vague I suppose, sorry!

Personally I think any of those 'slimming clubs' are a bad way of going about it and you're destined to fail. A 'diet' of any kind is not sustainable long term.

Throw out any crappy carby & sugary stuff you have (crisps, biscuits, sweets etc) and just don't buy them anymore. Try to cut out sugar as much as possible, and reduce your carbs as much as you can. Eat lots of fresh, natural foods such as lots of veg, lean meat, fish, cheese, salads. Don't worry too much about fat, it's not half as bad for you as sugar and so called 'low fat' options.

Drink loads of water too. And don't see it as a diet, see it as your new, permanent way of being more healthy.

MrsMulder Sun 12-Jun-16 21:41:34

Thanks for the replies, iklboo I think you have a point, I do give myself unrealistic targets and get fixated on losing 2lb a week. When it doesn't happen I get demotivated.

I know I need to see it as my new way of living but I think I also need the motivation of going to a group and getting weighed. I will definitely throw out the crap and stop buying it. I am hoping once I go to the group I will get the motivation.

SharkSkinThing Sun 12-Jun-16 21:45:01

I need to lose a bit too, Mrs, in a slow and gentle way! I lost quite a bit low carving then lost my mojo.

We can buddy up if you fancy a 'virtual' group to motivate us! 😀

SharkSkinThing Sun 12-Jun-16 21:45:31


LaConnerie Sun 12-Jun-16 21:58:36

I have been low carbing for about a month now - my kick up the arse motivator was getting my blood sugar measured & finding out I was pre-diabetic shock. Since then I've still been eating loads, but mostly protein with veg or salad on the side, rather than bread, potatoes or pasta. My blood sugar has dropped so quickly the nurse thought she'd mixed up my blood tests! And I've dropped 9lb without going hungry at all.

This is definitely a change for life, for me. Luckily I'm a hypochondriac, so my paranoia won't allow me to get unhealthy again!

MrsMulder Sun 12-Jun-16 22:29:34

How much do you need to lose shark? I need to lose about 2 and a half stone. It should be perfectly achievable if I just stick to it! Can do a weigh in on Tuesday morning?

Low carbing is a good idea too, I definitely eat too much bread even tho I know I can't tolerate it!

I have a wedding picture as my Facebook profile picture in the hope that it will motivate me! I think that people who didn't know me pre kids wouldn't recognise me, I look so much fatter in the face.

emmaluvseeyore Mon 13-Jun-16 13:06:06

For me, when I'm struggling, I find it helps to remind myself why I'm doing this in the first place. I've been doing SW online since April 2015 and have now lost 3st 11lbs. I've still got a long way to go (I'm now a size 18/20, but was a size 26 when I started), so it is really hard to keep going at times!

I know that I will need to maintain this way of eating for the rest of my life, but it is worth it to be fit and healthy. I'm at a higher risk for diabetes due to family history, so I HAVE to lose weight and maintain it to keep that risk as low as possible. I also want to be smaller so I can run around after kids when I have them (not on the radar just yet, but I'm only 26). Looking great in a wedding dress in the future is also great motivation for me.

SharkSkinThing Mon 13-Jun-16 13:36:55

Well done, Emma, that's incredible. You must be feeling fantastic. Congrats!

Mulder - same here, 2.5 stone would be ideal.

We can start tomorrow! I'm going to do l/c as I know I can manage it and not feel hungry, and it fits with my family.

We can do that together if you like, or feel free to do your own thing! The key is to keep each other motivated and encourage, not judge!

Eat less/better, exercise more, that's my mantra!

PM you in the morning?

MrsMulder Mon 13-Jun-16 22:25:02

Wow emmaluv that's amazing. Well done you!

Yep shark will pm in the morning with the weigh in blush

I am going to a slimming world class in the morning to try it out.

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