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Six Weigh-Ins till Summer Hols - anyone with me?

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springlenner Thu 09-Jun-16 22:34:05

I've just rejoined SW tonight - was at target this time last year - but the pounds are creeping back so I've 9lbs to lose to get back to target again.
I figure 6 focussed weeks should do it in time for the school hols. .
I rarely lose more than 1lb a week unless I'm 100% and v few syns so looking for a bit of extra motivation by checking in here.

Breakfast and lunch ( fruit salad & chicken & SW coleslaw ) prepped for tomorrow in the fridge & planning steak & SW chips in the evening.

Would anyone like to join me? smile

ChesterFuckingDraws Fri 10-Jun-16 01:00:05

Me! I have 13 weeks til holidays and 3st til my target definitely won't reach target in time for holidays-averaging 1.9lb a week.
I've lost 15.5lb in 8 weeks and would be happy if I could do the same again 😀

Planning is definitely the key for me, tomorrow's breakfast is weighed out (muesli) just need to add yogurt, lunch will be a boiled egg and bacon and tea is all boxed up ready for work.

springlenner Fri 10-Jun-16 09:49:26

Great Chester
I have often admired your username grin
It is all about the planning isn't it? Ocado are delivering a fridgeload of speed to me after work this evening..
I changed groups last night so hopefully it will work out.I really need to stay to group for the motivation - but found it difficult to find time for my old group recently. To be honest it had become a bit cliquey but new group seems lovely.

All good so far! good luck today. I'm hoping it'll be my first day 100% on plan for ages.

ChesterFuckingDraws Fri 10-Jun-16 10:12:47

Oh yes, I was a bit naughty last night after getting in from work at 1am, had some mini Daims (they're only 1 syn each) I stayed within the allowance but I didn't need them and it was far too late to be eating chocolate!

Started off well today and lunch and tea are packed ready for work, just going to do a very small amount of exercise

Hope your day goes to plan 😀

springlenner Sat 11-Jun-16 21:27:18

Yesterday was good, today not too good. Started off well, SWtastic breakfast/ brunch with eggs, mushroom, tomato, spinach concoction. Unfortunately in town this afternoon and DH took me for a cream tea 🙈
Only had half the scone though!
Now having a glass of wine... Might just about come in under syns ... But I doubt it! Focus tomorrow !

ChesterFuckingDraws Sun 12-Jun-16 00:05:11

Everything in moderation, 1/2 the scone and some wine will be fine-just be extra good the next couple of days.
I've been ok today, working all day so he to take my food in with me which stops me eating naughty things. Got a christening tomorrow so I'll be over my syns for sure but I'll be on salad on Monday so that the scales are OK on Tuesday morning!

calzone Sun 12-Jun-16 21:11:51

I'm in.

Am at target but slipping slightly so want to stay focused.

ChesterFuckingDraws Mon 13-Jun-16 15:41:09

Well done getting to target calzone, mine seems so far away! How long until your hols?
We had a Chinese last night after being at a christening (I only had Diet Coke and avoided the buffet) we ordered way less than normal and I didn't actually like it so only ate 1/2 of my portion. Being extra strict today too in the hope of a loss tomorrow morning!

ChesterFuckingDraws Tue 14-Jun-16 11:58:59

2.5lb off this morning, going to be really strict this week-no extra treats and maybe try a couple of SP days too, I want a big loss like some of the others in group!

selfcontrolofatoddler Tue 14-Jun-16 16:08:16

OK, I'm a week behind you and have about 2 stone to lose (GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) but I'm in. Joining SW on Thursday after a 3 year break and dreading it because last time I did it, the weight crawled off so slowly that I wanted to cry at every meeting because everyone else seemed to lose so quickly in comparison. But I really have to shift this weight because I feel horrible. So - pom poms at the ready?

What are these SP days all about then?

ChesterFuckingDraws Tue 14-Jun-16 19:47:16

I think it's basically low carbing. So you eat "speed" and proteins I need to read a bit more about it re syns and the HEB as I think you get and extra one on SP days.

giraffesarefab Tue 14-Jun-16 22:16:08

I'm in! We go away in 7 weeks. I joined sw in Jan this year and I've got my 2.5 stone award 2 weeks ago, so I'm OK with everything, just need a kick up the bum to stay focused!

calzone Tue 14-Jun-16 22:21:52

I go to Italy in 7 weeks so plenty of time to stay in target.

Today I had....
B....4 bacon medallions, 2 eggs, beans, tomatoes
L....35g Cocoa shreddies, fruit, yoghurt
D....3 Linda sausages, savoury rice (2s) salad
Hifi bar (3)

Stayed on plan.

OhGood Wed 15-Jun-16 13:50:40

Ooh, can I join? I have 5 weeks to go and 10 pounds to lose so will be very tight (like my jeans.)

Today: B 35g oats, blueberries, FF yog, honey (3S)
Lunch: Baked pot, veg, FF cottage cheese
Supper planned: grilled chicken and veg, BBQ sauce (3s)

Bloody meeting at the pub tonight tho which will be hard.

GinSoakedWhore Wed 15-Jun-16 15:20:25

Can I sneak in and join? I haven't actually joined up yet, am still torn between joining WW and SW, but i'd like to nose at what you are all eating if that's OK. It might help me decide which camp to pledge allegiance to smile

ladylambkin Thu 16-Jun-16 00:37:52

I'm joining Slimming World tomorrow, got to target 6 years ago but unfortunately heavier now than when I started. I have around 3 stone to lose however my first mini goal is to lose at least 10lbs before I go on holiday in 6 weeks. Haven't did SW for about 2 years and hoping it's much the same as before!

banananugget Thu 16-Jun-16 07:03:41

This is exactly my plan! I have my first WI tonight! Excited! Good luck everyone. Will update tonight after my WI. Eek! I'd like to lose as close to a stone as possible before my holiday, would love 10lbs as a minimum.

calzone Sun 19-Jun-16 09:13:14

I can't seem to do this anymore....😨😨

ladylambkin Tue 21-Jun-16 18:13:49

Aw Calzone I feel your pain...I didn't sign up to SW on Thursday either I actually ended up in McDonald's instead blush but I am hoping to get joined up this week.

springlenner Tue 21-Jun-16 19:47:55

Sorry, all! I started this thread and then went completely off grid ( and plan) for a week. Working late most nights last week so didn't make it to group but definitely going to WI this Thursday. Back on plan since Sunday evening and today, so far, has been SP day.... hoping to clock in a pound at least... have I still hope for 9lbs before 21st July???? confused
Well done on all your losses, though.
Calzone you know you can do it! I've lurked on your threads for over a year and you are so inspirational. Just take a deep breath, draw a line under it and get back on it.

Brekkie: Apple, 2 satsumas
Lunch: steak and all Speed salad ( white cabbage, carrots, babycorn, rocket, tomato, onion)
Dinner: Pork kebabs and stir fry ( courgette, sugar snap, carrot, pepper, onion)

No syns yet.....

ladylambkin Tue 21-Jun-16 22:01:45

I had a good day yesterday but today not so. Once I have actually handed over money to join on Thursday then I will hopefully be able to stick to plan. It's difficult isn't it...know what to do but willpower is a bit lacking

calzone Tue 21-Jun-16 22:57:57

Am back on plan and feel good.

Thanks for your encouragement.

springlenner Wed 22-Jun-16 19:39:25

ladylambkin you won't regret it... I changed groups because my old group was waaaay to cliquey - but I, personally, do so much better when I stay to group - I think it's psychological - knowing someone has to weigh you next week and also you get ideas and inspiration from others ( I also have a competitive streak)
calzone good job- keep it going

I haven't been so good today, working from home today and was really busy...
Breakfast: Baked oats, raspberries and a Muller light
Lunch: Bowl of Cornflakes and glass of OJ ( I know! blush)
Snack : packet of hula hoops and 5 wine gums blush
Dinner: Spicy chicken wrapped in iceberg lettuce, carrot, spring onions. an apple.

I know I'm way over my syns with the Hula Hoops, Juice, Cornflakes etc... This is my downfall, just grabbing the nearest thing.... and I was doing so well. Definitely wasn't worth wasting my syns on those angry

selfcontrolofatoddler Thu 23-Jun-16 10:27:55

First weigh in for me today. 4lbs off. Pleased with that. Can't wait to get some more off - I just want to feel thinner and for some of my clothes to fit better - that's my first target.

Sounbelievablydull Thu 23-Jun-16 13:32:03

I go on 30th July
I have lost just over 1.5 stones since end of January , 1 pound per week on average.
If I could step it up and make it the 2 stone by holiday time I would be sooo happy.
It was photos of me on holiday last year that has spurred me on to make changes so even though I have a long way to go 2 more stones I think, I do feel better.
Today though I've been so hungry and it's my weigh in day so hoping I haven't blown it

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