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Slimming world on facebook

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dunnetoson Thu 09-Jun-16 13:43:11

Hi all!

I'm an online sw member now, but used to go to group. When I was in the group we had a private FB page that we could post things on, ask questions etc. It was private, so the whole world didn't need to know what I was having for tea!

Anyway, now I'm doing sw online, I'm no longer allowed on my local groups FB page. Does anyone here know of a private sw Facebook page I could join? X

divafever99 Thu 09-Jun-16 13:47:41

Just type slimming world into the search facilty and some closed groups come up, you can request membership. Also, It's not a group but search for slimming eats on Facebook, lots of sw recipes.

ChessieFL Thu 09-Jun-16 17:50:25

Try Syns Allowed

dunnetoson Thu 09-Jun-16 23:02:59

Thanks Gals, will take a look!

AlwaysTimeForWine Thu 16-Jun-16 07:54:07

Just be careful on some of the unofficial groups! They often give out a lot of incorrect information that can affect your weight loss.

itmustbemyage Fri 17-Jun-16 11:37:29

I would be wary of some of the Facebook pages some of them only seem to exist to promote 'weight loss tea' when I commented on this faith healing nonsense not being part of Slimming World I was excluded from the page. The recipie pages are good though.

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