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Slimming World target weight area question??

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mollya94 Sat 21-May-16 18:30:49

Okay so today I got my target award which I'm so pleased about :D
I weighed in at 9 stone 2.5lbs, I wanted my target as 9 stone however I'm unsure whether it was 9st on the system at class or 9st 2lb, now I'm thinking is it because I got into my target range (within 3lbs either side)
Could someone possibly tell me some advice on this as I know I wouldn't have set it as 9st 2.5lb (I really hate those pesky half a pounds haha!)
Is it because I'm in the target "allowance" range? I didn't stay to group so I'm unsure now what it may be..

I have asked my group leader but she hasn't replied to me yet.. Thankyou so much!

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ChessieFL Mon 23-May-16 10:49:26

Well done! You get to target when you reach the target weight you've set, so somewhere along the line your target was set at 9st 2.5 lb. Maybe when you joined you said you wanted to lose X stone and that equated to the half pound?

The allowance range only applies once you reach your actual target weight - you don't get to target simply by getting into the range.

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