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Are the activia vanilla pots syn free?

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JessicaSW Sat 21-May-16 17:17:18

125g pot it's got the 0% fat on the pots


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ALemonyPea Sat 21-May-16 21:04:05

Yes they are. I pour them over fruit in the morning.

JessicaSW Sat 21-May-16 21:10:58

Thank u

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SpoonfulOfJam Sun 22-May-16 09:23:15

Ah, wish I'd known. I've bought 12 muller lights, they're vile and the ones I got are half a syn each.

ALemonyPea Sun 22-May-16 20:13:28

These ones are new, they're lovely and thick, and also syn free. I hate muller lights.

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