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Fashion advise - cropped trousers/chinos

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LC01 Mon 16-May-16 13:06:28

Hello, I'm struggling to find some nice flattering summer trousers for a size 14/16 and 5'2" tall. Most make me look fat and it's really getting me down. I have large legs (calf's) always have done, even when I was a size 10, so I tend to wear jeans a lot. But I really want wear something cooler in the summer. Side pockets are the worse, but most chino style trousers seem to have them. Does anyone have any recommendation for where I can buy some flattering trousers for a short, big tummied lady?

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overwhelmedbyitall Thu 26-May-16 08:05:30

I found quite a good selection in m&s, surprisingly!

Dudess Wed 08-Jun-16 06:50:27

I've worn leggings and a dress for a long time....I'm similar height and 16/18. Flattering look and not too hot, if you wear a light dress in the summer!

For non-leggings I think Debenhams have a good choice, just spend an hour looking only at trousers across their brands, and trying lots on.

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